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PDS Preview - Fall 2022

PDS Preview - Fall 2022

It has been an exciting summer, and I hope your family is enjoying the remaining weeks of the summer break, relaxing with the different pace of schedule. So let me be the first to welcome you to a new school year at PDS!

With the start of another school year fast approaching, I look forward to welcoming our boys back to campus, to hearing the chatter in the hallways that we miss during the summer months, and to seeing their eager faces ready to learn and have those magical moments that define boyhood. I am always excited to see our new boys and families joining the school and becoming part of our PDS community.

If you’re like me on any new journey, you’re reaching for your phone to find the best navigation app to keep you on the right path. We hope the PDS Preview: 2022–23 is your navigation app for the year ahead, or at minimum, a good place to note important dates and serve as a starter to the year. You will find in these pages information about all kinds of programs, events, important dates, and faculty information. I invite you to take the time and read through these pages to familiarize yourself with the upcoming year. Bear in mind that our Leadership Team and faculty are happy to meet and talk with you individually if you find that you need additional details.

You will also notice a few updates and enhancements as you return to campus this year. Our football field has all new turf; our parking lot has been resurfaced; and, this fall, we will open a new Spirit Store on campus.

Earlier this summer, along with a few PDS faculty, I attended the International Boys Schools’ Coalition in Dallas, Texas. Educators from around the globe joined us to discuss and exchange ideas on best practices in boys’ education. Metaphorically, it also served as a time to walk the fenceline of our schools and return to the most fundamental philosophical question of why we exist as a school. It was a worthwhile time to reflect again on PDS’s noble mission, striving to glorify God by developing boys in wisdom and stature and with favor with God and men. PDS’ mission reflects our aspirations, and its result is a place where boys thrive.

We are grateful to partner with our families to help your son reach his highest potential, and we are excited to begin that journey again this year!

Brad Sewell
Head of School