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PDS Spirit - Winter 2023

PDS Spirit - Winter 2014


  • EDGE Design Thinking
  • The Martin Institute - Building the Teachers of Tomorrow

In this issue, we explore Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a critical-thinking and problem-solving approach popularized at Stanford that is rapidly becoming a major component of learning at PDS. We think it’s just as revolutionary as teaching the scientific method. You can read more about how we’re implementing it beginning on page 10.

The transformation of our learning spaces continues as we have recently opened a new space dedicated to art and design. Beginning on page 18, you can learn about the Dobbs EDGE Studio, the new home of our art and EDGE Design Thinking programs.

One of the other programs that we’re very excited about is our Young Scholars program. In 2007, an anonymous donor founded a scholarship program to allow us to educate bright, qualified boys whose parents might not otherwise be able to afford tuition. You can read more about how PDS parents Kimberley and Howard Graham chose to support this important program on page 22.