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PDS Preview - Fall 2021

PDS Preview - Fall 2021

As we begin this year, we look forward with excitement and anticipation to all that lies ahead. We want each year at PDS to be made of those magical moments that define boyhood. We are grateful to have the privilege of partnering with you through these formative years to help your son reach his highest potential in academics and character. We are excited as always to stretch and challenge your sons, to laugh with them, to watch them grow and progress, and to see their intellect, faith, and character deepened.

As we begin another academic year, I always feel as though we are at the beginning of a new journey. And when embarking on any journey, it’s always helpful to have a roadmap. We hope that this piece of collaboration, PDS Preview: 2021-22 will be a helpful starter for you. You will find in these pages information about all kinds of programs, events, important dates, faculty information, and campus updates. We welcome several new teachers to campus this year, each of whom is excited to share their expertise in our boys’ academic and spiritual growth. We know that each individual will become integral to the success of our boys. I invite you to take the time and read through these pages to familiarize yourself with the upcoming year. Bear in mind that our administration and faculty are happy to meet and talk with you individually if you find that you need additional details.

Brad Sewell
Head of School