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PDS Spirit - Winter 2023

PDS Spirit - Winter 2015


  • #happygram - The decades-old Happygram is as popular as ever with teachers and students at PDS.
  • The Gift of Music - Eclectic, student-led concerts offer opportunities to hone musical and leadership skills — plus, they’re really fun.

One of the very first memories I have of PDS is a Happygram. Upon arriving at the hotel before my first interview for the head of school job, there was a Happygram waiting for me. That wish of good luck and a prayer for safe travels incapsulate the spirit of these important tools. I have seen boys beam with pride as they place a little yellow sheet of paper in their locker. This edition of PDS Spirit will help you understand more about the power of these small celebrations.

From the Crusader Cafe to Mentor Groups you will find these pages filled with interesting stories about how PDS meets the needs of boys each and every day. Our devoted faculty is committed to creating a learning environment where boys feel comfortable on the stage, the fields and courts, and the classrooms.

All the best to you in the New Year.

Steve Hancock
Head of School