Curriculum Guide: Bible



PDS boys learn very early through Old and New Testament scripture that God has a great story to tell.


Whether putting on a puppet show, singing songs, or focused in learning centers, the early childhood students are introduced to Bible people and places in fun and active ways. As the boys grow older, they learn to read from their Bibles and engage in discussions about what they have read. All beliefs are heard and respected in Bible class, and students are encouraged to apply the teachings of Jesus to their lives.

Throughout early childhood and the younger elementary years, PDS boys attend Bible class weekly. Beginning in fourth grade, boys participate in Bible class every other day. By the end of sixth grade, the goal is that every boy can identify and explain all the major characters and storylines from Genesis through Revelation, with an emphasis on the “Big Picture” of God’s work through redemptive history shared throughout the Bible. The Seven Virtues of Manhood are woven throughout the curriculum to help students apply biblical principles to their lives.