Curriculum Guide: Global Education


Global Education

Our framework for global education at PDS is based on the belief that God has created our world and everything in it.

We have a responsibility to care for the earth and its resources. It is our desire for PDS boys to become globally competent citizens— feeling empowered to investigate the world around them and willing to communicate with a diverse audience about issues of global significance.

The PDS curriculum is centered on teaching for understanding and is aligned with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions that are required to be citizens in the diverse, dynamic global world of the 21st century. PDS teachers intentionally weave grade appropriate global content and competencies into all subject areas. Cross-curricularly, students are encouraged to think deeply about global issues and seek solutions to real world problems.

Throughout their years at PDS, students are encouraged to “see a need and meet that need”. As the future leaders of not just Memphis, but the global community, it is our hope to develop during these early years the boys’ desire and disposition to become godly men who take action ethically, critically, and creatively.