Curriculum Guide: World Language


World Language


The World Language program at PDS initially exposes our boys to both Mandarin and Spanish during the early childhood years. Through meaningful, enthusiastic instruction, boys learn to appreciate both languages and their cultures. Beginning in first grade, parents choose a language path for their son based on his desire for continued language study. Knowing that a second language must be acquired, world language classes are presented in the target language a majority of the time, and activities in class are based around vocabulary acquisition, through the recycling of words used in a variety of contexts.

All Mandarin and Spanish classes are designed to encourage students’ thinking about the following essential questions:

  • How can the study of Mandarin or Spanish help me investigate the world in a new way?
  • How can Mandarin or Spanish help me recognize perspectives and show me how my view of the world is similar to and different from others?
  • How can I communicate ideas in Mandarin or Spanish to others around
  • the world?
  • How can developing skills in Mandarin or Spanish help me take action to improve conditions in the world?

All language instruction at PDS is centered upon the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century, set forth by the American Council for Teaching of Foreign Language. Widely known as the “Five Cs,” these standards overlap with our essential questions by asking students to communicate in “real-life” situations, understand culture, connect language with other subject areas, compare languages and culture, and extend learning to outside communities.