Curriculum Guide: The Arts


The Arts

Boys have a natural curiosity about the arts. Whether they are learning to draw or learning to play an instrument, boys love the hands-on, creative approach that we offer at PDS.


Visual Arts

A quick peek into the art studio will reveal imaginations running wild. Can insects wear tennis shoes? Why not? What happens if paint colors mix? Let’s try it. Boys in senior kindergarten through sixth grade will discover that imagination is the most powerful tool they can develop as they work to express themselves artistically. While exploring various tools, processes, and media, boys embrace their sense of wonder and coordinate their hands and mind to produce visual works of art.

The visual arts curriculum exposes students to elements of art (e.g., color, line, and shape) and principles of design (e.g., pattern, movement, and proportion) in artworks and in the surrounding environment. Through these activities, PDS boys develop essential knowledge and skills which empower them to apply their learning and create their own masterpieces.

Vocal Music

From “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to the “Star-Spangled Banner,” PDS boys love to sing and share music with others. Early Childhood students begin to develop an appreciation for music as an art form in their Music and Movement class. They explore ways to move their bodies in response to sounds and rhythm. These early childhood boys learn ways to focus their attention and demonstrate self-control in response to verbal cues — a very important task for success in school!

As boys enter the elementary division, opportunities to participate in both group and solo singing emerge. With goals to match pitch and sing “in-tune” with others, boys continue to enjoy musical experiences through songs, games, and stories. Every year, students learn to respond appropriately to the cues of a conductor and develop confidence in their ability to perform in front of large audiences. Students become familiar with musical terms and theory while also developing an appreciation for various genres of music. A favorite activity is learning to play ostinatos (repeated patterns) on unpitched instruments such as buckets and body parts!