February 24th-28th

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Feb. 24-28

It was another great week learning about community helpers in YK! We kicked off the week with such an exciting visitor! Howard Hooser had a special visitor come talk to us all about his exciting job as a truck driver. He even brought along his semi-truck for us to look at and we got to take turns sitting in the truck. We focused on firefighters at the beginning of the week and the boys were beside themselves with excitement. We read several books about firefighters and practiced singing several songs about firefighting! We talked about what number to call in case of an emergency and talked about what you do if your clothing catches on fire. The boys thought it was hysterical practicing this by shouting, “STOP! DROP! And ROLLLLLL!” As they did this they completed each motion laughing harder each time! We had an actual firefighter come and talk to us and you would think a celebrity made an appearance in YK! Henry Martin’s great uncle told us all about his job as a firefighter and brought equipment and his uniform. The boys watched with mouths wide open, stunned in pure aw and clung to every word he had to tell us! It was quite the exciting morning! We got to enjoy chapel and read community helper books during library on Wednesday. We transitioned to learning about veterinarians the last half of the week and had so much fun with this topic. We made snakes out of colored popsicle stick, jewels, and stickers! We practiced caring for Magellan as we role-played what it would be like to be a real veterinarian.

In centers this week, we opened up a pet hospital and cared for all kinds of stuffed animals using stethoscopes, otoscopes, q-tips, tongue depressors, band-aids, blood pressure cuffs, and other tools. We practiced stop, drop, and roll in one center. We built fires with blocks and pretended to put them out with our fire hoses. We dressed up as our favorite community helpers in the dramatic play center. We drilled plastic screws using a battery-operated drill, which was a huge hit for the boys. We also continued working hard with our toolboxes and worbench as well as using our mailbox to role-play what mail carriers do on a daily basis.

We are looking forward to learning about chefs next week! We have filled our compliment jars and will be making home-made pizzas and muffins next week to celebrate while learning about what it takes to be a real chef!! A reminder that spring break begins next Friday so we will not have school that day. School will resume Monday, March 16th. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your boys and look forward to another incredible week with them next week.

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Published in YK2 -Kinney/White
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