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Birthday Book Club - Honor Your Son on His Birthday

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The Fall 2019 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

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How to Subscribe to Your Son's Class Calendar

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Change of Address or Phone Number? Please Let Us Know!

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Grandparents' Day 2019 - October 25 - Save the Date

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The Spring 2019 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

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The Winter 2018 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

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Back-to-School - Sign-Ups, Dates, and Information for Parents

The new school year is upon us! Don’t miss these important dates and details that will help us start the school year smoothly.


First Day of School


Class Rosters

Class Rosters were emailed today. If you did not receive the rosters email, please use this form to report it.


Parent Meetings

  • Early Childhood: Tuesday, August 13 at 8:30am in the Fellowship Hall 2PC Chapel

  • 1st Grade: Monday, August 12 at 8:00am in the Hussey Commons

  • 2nd Grade: Monday, August 12, 1:00pm in the Hussey Commons

  • 3rd Grade: Monday, August 12, 2:30 pm in the Hussey Commons

  • 4th Grade: Tuesday, August 13, 1:00pm in the Hussey Commons

  • 5th Grade: Tuesday, August 13, 2:30pm in the Hussey Commons

  • 6th Grade: Tuesday, September 10, 8:00am in the Hussey Commons

  • Elementary Parent Night (1st–6th), Thursday, August 29 at 6:00pm in the Fellowship Hall


Lunch Program

For the 2019-2020 school year, PDS is returning to preparing fresh food on campus.

Read more: PDS Lunch Program for 2019–2020

Sign-Up for lunch by August 8.


Summer Reading and Math Assignments (1st–6th Grades)

Reminder: All summer reading and math assignments for 1st–6th are due on the first day of school.


AfterCare / Sibling Stay

Sign-Up for AfterCare and/or Sibling Stay

Read the Student Handbook Entry for AfterCare


Student Handbook

Please review the PDS Student Handbook which can always be found via the Parent menu on the website.

You can find academic policies and procedures, carpool maps, lunch schedules and more in the handbook.

Early Childhood Handbooks

YK, PK, JK, and SK also have handbooks with additional information specific to each grade. Parents will receive information about these handbooks at the Early Childhood meeting.


Carpool Maps

Consult the carpool entry in the Student Handbook for carpool rules and procedures.


Spirit Sale

Don’t miss the Parents’ Association’s annual Back-To-School Spirit Sale beginning Monday, August 12 at 8:00am in the PDS Lobby.

Spirit Sale Hours

Date Hours
Monday, Aug 13 8:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday, Aug 14 8:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday, Aug 15 8:15am - 2:00pm


Subscribing to Class Calendars

You can add your son’s classroom calendar to your device. Learn More


Email Newsletters

All parents have been subscribed to the 2 main lists we use to communicate:

List Description
A grade-level "Emergencies and Updates" list Used sparingly for major news, weather-related information, etc.
A class-level “News” list Used for The weekly PDS Express newsletter, the weekly newsletter from your son’s teacher, and any important information from the classroom during the week

If you would like to opt-out of either of these lists, follow the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email you receive from the school.

Homework Emails

1st–6th grades also have an optional homework email. To sign-up for homework emails, visit the Communication Preferences page.


Parents' Association Volunteer Form

By virtue of being a parent of a PDS student, all parents are members of the Parents’ Association. There is no membership fee or charge for belonging to the Parents’ Association.

The Parents’ Association seeks to provide support to the school through volunteer assistance and service. Each year, the Parents’ Association works closely with the administration to assist the school.
Familiarize yourself with our upcoming events, mark them on your calendar, and use the Volunteer Form to plug yourself in!

Volunteer Now

PDS Spirit - Fall 2019


  • Write On!
  • How We Integrate Technology into the Classroom
  • Teacher Feature: Merideth Arnold

Presbyterian Day School is proud to be celebrating 70 years of dedication to the education of boys in Memphis and beyond. During those seven decades, our mission has never wavered. We always seek to glorify God by developing boys in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man. Our approach to the spiritual development of boys was highlighted in our last edition of the Spirit Magazine. The issue before you highlights some of the incredible academic programs at PDS.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve both our curriculum and methodologies. Our commitment to the teaching of reading and writing has never been stronger. From the formation of letters and sounds in early childhood classrooms to research papers and speeches in the upper grades, our boys shine when they write. On page 10, you can learn about how we teach the writing process and the goals we have for all of our boys.

As we look forward to our next 70 years, we know our commitment to teaching young boys will never change. Our boys are thinkers, explorers, mathematicians, writers, athletes, musicians, and dreamers. We will continue to provide a strong foundation of both faith and academics to help them thrive for decades to come.

Steve Hancock

New Site Launch: Strategic Dads

We have created a new site to serve all types of dads looking for help in raising their families. We have partnered with other authors from around the country to give practical advice, ideas and wisdom for dads.

Check out the site here:

Our children are an incredible gift from God. We not only have the privilege of fulfilling part of our purpose in life as we raise them—we also get the benefit of relying on our Heavenly Father as he helps us raise them. There is nothing greater than knowing your purpose and living it out the fullest. To be what God intended you to be.

We want to invite you to check out this pilot version of our site to see what you think. If you like it, please sign up to get emails (at the bottom of the main page) so you can get new articles delivered to your inbox. Please also share it with friends locally or across the country. During this pilot phase, we’re relying on feedback and engagement from dads to inform our national launch in the fall.

Social Media, Smart Phones, and Gaming: What is Right For Your Family?

Last month, PDS had a parent seminar on social media, smartphones, and other technology for kids. Parents raised great questions, and many of the best solutions came from other parents. This blog is our attempt to share the best of that meeting with you and to answer some of the follow-up questions.

The Problem We All Face

By God’s design, our kids desire community and connection—and in their purest forms, smart phones and social media can help create community and connect people. We see that good as parents, but we also see the dangers in technology. We’re all in the struggle to figure out the right thing for our children based on their age, their maturity, and God’s unique design of them.

A Snapshot of Learning: How does PDS compare with other schools?

A Snapshot of Learning

How does PDS compare with other schools?

PDS boys outperform other independent schools and the best public schools on ERB tests.

Make sure your son gets a good night’s sleep. Eat a hearty, healthy breakfast. Encourage your son to do his best. Suggestions like these usually mean one thing: It’s ERB week at PDS.

PDS Spirit - Spring 2019


  • Building Boys, Making Men
  • ERB Results - A Snapshot of Learning
  • Teacher Feature: Brooke Haley

One of the most important things I do each week is to connect with the boys in my Mentor Groups. By the end of sixth grade, we have formed a special bond, one based on trust and developed through God’s Word. Pouring into these boys is a special privilege and one I share with eleven of my colleagues. Together we seek to show and share God’s love and to develop these boys in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. PDS’ mission comes alive every time we meet together.

Five years ago I was called to PDS. The call came from a search committee, but I know it was God’s plan. I felt certain that I was being called to participate in a school that valued high academic standards but also wanted to work on the spiritual development of each boy. Schools that concentrate on both academics and character are rare indeed.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to watch God at work in Howard Graham’s life. The passion, humility, and entrepreneurial spirit that Howard brings to the position of Chaplain and Executive Director of the *Building Boys, Making Men *program is inspiring to me. The world would have told Howard not to make a move to PDS from a successful corporate career, but God had different plans. I know you will enjoy reading his story.

I am excited for the vision of how this program will continue to grow. We have great plans to create more content for boys and to encourage parents through programming. We know sharing the love of God will eventually bring the Building Boys, Making Men program to a wider audience. Please join me as I pray for this program and for God to reveal all he would have us do.

Steve Hancock

Facing Life & Lions with Honor

What It Means to Be a Noble Knight

When you were a child, was there an area where you really struggled to do what was right? Did you normally obey the first time you were asked, or did you have to make a mistake before learning to do what was right?

This month, our virtue is Noble Knight. Being a Noble Knight means living with honor and integrity—in other words, knowing what’s right and doing it even when it’s tough. A Noble Knight pursues what is right and just.

Foundations: Developmentally Appropriate Practices

Never have I heard anyone say “Wow! That is a solid foundation!” about a newly constructed home. People are often in awe of the finished product, a house visually upright with all of the finishing touches. However, the foundation that supports this new structure is crucial to its longevity and is a vital step in the construction process.

This same idea holds true for early childhood education.

How to Talk to Your Children About Sex

Todd Erickson is the Pastoral Executive at Second Presbyterian Church and serves on the Board Of Trustees at PDS. Todd also served in youth ministry for 27 years. He and his wife, Lynn, recently gave the following points in talk to parents. This is timely for parents of sixth grade boys as your boys are reading chapters 7, 8, and 9 of Flight Plan over the next two weeks. This is valuable to all parents because, as you will read, it’s important to start these conversations early with our children.

Talking to our children about sex can be awkward and intimidating. But, as with every part of your parenting, you don’t face this alone. God loves you and your child, so ask for his help. Ask for wisdom. Ask for his help to listen well and speak well. Pray, pray, pray!

Seven things to aim for in your conversations with your children:

What It Means to be a Pacesetter

Happy New Year! The new year is a time when many of us think about setting new goals. And many of our goals — expressions of the kinds of people we want to be — are shaped by the people around us whose examples we want to follow.

Fittingly, the virtue for January is the Pacesetter — the one who sets an example for others by following the example of Christ.

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