Winston Baccus Written by  Sep 30, 2015

Parents with Comcast Email Addresses: Please Read

It’s been brought to my attention that most parents with Comcast email addresses are not receiving emails from PDS.

I have been in contact with Comcast Tech Support, and they assure me that the emails are not being rejected. I am still awaiting a final response from them.

I believe that many of the emails are ending up in your spam folder. If you have not changed your default spam settings, you will never see these emails are the default setting is to automatically delete any message marked as spam.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure you are receiving emails from us that I captured from Xfinity Support:

Spam Filters

XFINITY Connect email allows you to set one of three different levels of spam blockers with a Comcast email spam filter.

Spam Filtering deletes emails designated as spam without delivering them to your inbox or Spam folder.

Spam Filtering with Save a copy of emails marked as spam places emails designated as spam in a separate Spam folder. You can check and see if any legitimate email was designated as spam by accident and use the toolbar to mark it Not Spam.

Turning Spam Filtering off delivers all emails directly into your inbox, even those designated as spam.

Follow the simple steps below to change your Comcast spam filter settings.

Change Spam Filter preference

Sign into XFINITY Connect and click on the Preferences tab at the top.

XFINITY Connect - Inbox Preview calling out Preferences link

Select Email from the left pane. XFINITY Connect - Preferences screen calling out Email

Under Email Preferences, click Spam Filtering. XFINITY Connect - Email Preferences screen

You’ll be redirected to My Account. Once in My Account and in the Users & Preferences section, click on Email Settings. XFINITY My Account, Users & Preferences tab, Email Settings tab

In the Email Settings tab, choose to Save a copy of emails marked as spam. XFINITY My Account - Email Settings tab with Spam Filtering options selected

Create a Filter to Keep PDS Emails in Your Inbox

Sign into XFINITY Connect and click on the Preferences tab at the top.

Select Email Filters, and then select Add Filter.

Enter “PDS” as the Filter Name.

XFINITY Connect - Email Preferences

In the field to the right of the dropdown menus that say “From” and “Contains” enter “” (no quotation marks, only the address)

Leave the action set to “Keep in inbox.”

Click OK to save your filter.

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