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Information about Grandparents’ Day - For All Parents

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Grandparents' Day is Friday, Oct. 25 - Register Here!

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How to Subscribe to Your Son's Class Calendar

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Change of Address or Phone Number? Please Let Us Know!

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Laura Glenn

Laura Glenn

Laura Glenn serves as Head of the Elementary School at Presbyterian Day School (PDS) in Memphis, TN, one of the country’s leading independent schools for boys.

Laura began her career at PDS helping in the Admission office before becoming an assistant teacher in the Early Childhood Division. After teaching 1st and 3rd grade at other area independent schools, she returned to PDS in 2006 to teach 1st grade.

Laura earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Teaching from The University of Memphis. Laura has a reading specialist certificate from Christian Brothers University and has participated in Project Zero, an advanced training program based out of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. A lifelong learner, Laura is devoted to the development of a multi-sensory classroom.

Her passions outside of the classroom include international travel and cheering for Memphis sports.

Information about Grandparents’ Day - For All Parents

Friday, October 25th is Grandparents’ Day at PDS. Grandparents should have received an invitation in the mail. If your son doesn’t have a grandparent who can attend the program, he may ask a special relative or friend to attend. Please make sure to register your son’s special guest via the PDS website.

Due to limited seating, Grandparents’ Day is for grandparents or special guests only. The program will be live streamed for viewing online.

Because parents cannot attend the program Friday morning, 1st–6th grade parents are welcome to attend the dress rehearsal on Thursday, October 24 at 1:15pm in the Sanctuary. Early Childhood students will not be participating in this rehearsal. Please understand that the afternoon dress rehearsal will be a working run through with many starts and stops. It will not be exactly like the real performance.

What to Wear:


red, white, and blue attire, socks, tennis shoes


solid white t-shirt, blue jeans, socks, tennis shoes


solid colored polo style collared shirt (no emblem), khaki pants, belt, socks, tennis shoes


solid colored polo style collared shirt (no emblem), khaki pants, belt, socks, tennis shoes


Boys in 1st through 5th grade should wear long khaki pants, a solid white polo style collared shirt (no emblem), a belt, socks, and school shoes.


Attire depends on parts assigned to students. Students may have more than one part. If so, they will have a costume change during the program.

  • Buckets: long khaki pants, white long-sleeved button-down collared shirts, and dress shoes
  • Balloons: long khaki pants, white long-sleeved button-down collared shirts, red ties, navy blazers, and dress shoes
  • Cowboys: long khaki pants, long/short-sleeved plaid shirts (flannel or non-flannel), cowboy boots or “hiking” boots IF available- if not, then athletic shoes
  • Soldiers: long khaki pants, short-sleeve olive drab t-shirts, “hiking” boots IF available- if not, then athletic shoes
  • Iwo Jima re-enactors: parents have received separate info about these costumes
  • Speakers: long khaki pants, white long-sleeved button-down collared shirts, red ties, navy blazers, and dress shoes

Schedule Information for All Boys:


Boys in YK–6th grade should arrive at the normal time on the morning of Grandparents’ Day. The morning carpool lines will operate as usual. The early morning rooms will operate in the normal manner that morning.


Grandparents’ Day dismissal will be at approximately 11:45. After the program, Grandparents will have an opportunity to visit their grandsons’ classrooms. Boys will then be signed out in their classrooms by their grandparents. There will be no carpool dismissal for any student. If a boy does not have a grandparent attending the program, parents may pick up their sons in their classrooms after the program.

Aftercare will be available for boys who are enrolled and have made a reservation.

4th Grade Laptops Begin Coming Home Tomorrow

Dear 4th Grade Parents,

Your sons have already been 4th graders for six weeks! I’m grateful for their energy and enthusiasm toward this school year. At this point in the year, the boys are settling into the rhythm and routine of fourth grade.

One routine that has been new to fourth grade this year is the addition of a Digital Citizenship class. With Dr. Walton facilitating the class, the boys have recently been discussing how technology users develop “digital footprints.” They are learning how online activities and communications create a unique set of traceable actions. Along with teaching net-etiquette and Internet safety, we continue to stress to the boys that PDS laptops are strictly a tool to aid their learning and not meant to be used as entertainment.

I mentioned in our back-to-school meeting that after some initial time to adjust to fourth grade the boys would begin to bring their laptops home when they are needed to complete homework. Beginning tomorrow, fourth graders will bring their laptops home on Mondays and Thursdays as they will have Wordly Wise homework to complete on those nights.

After some time spent adjusting to the routine of taking laptops home, the boys will begin to bring the laptops home four days a week (Monday through Thursday) as homework will spread out over the week. Laptops will not be sent home on Fridays or during holiday breaks.

This week in Digital Citizenship class your sons have been focused on the responsibilities associated with taking laptops home. They have brainstormed possible parent expectations and have created a contract to discuss with you concerning home use. You may notice as you review your son’s ideas for at-home use that he is hopeful to use the laptop beyond homework expectations. We encourage you to discuss this together. It is our recommendation that once homework has been completed laptops should be closed and charged for the next day.

As a reminder, PDS has an Internet filtering system that will filter the laptop at school as well as at home. If your home has wireless access, the laptop should automatically connect to your wireless network or ask you to choose your wireless connection and possibly enter a password. Regardless of the filtering system, we encourage all parents to monitor the child’s use of the Internet while at home.

I look forward to seeing parents on campus soon for Parent Conferences. Fourth-grade teachers have much to share!

All the best,
Laura Glenn

A Snapshot of Learning: How does PDS compare with other schools?

A Snapshot of Learning

How does PDS compare with other schools?

PDS boys outperform other independent schools and the best public schools on ERB tests.

Make sure your son gets a good night’s sleep. Eat a hearty, healthy breakfast. Encourage your son to do his best. Suggestions like these usually mean one thing: It’s ERB week at PDS.

PDS Boys Recognized in BRACE Art Contest

Twelve of our PDS boys recently entered art work into BRACE, The Briarcrest Regional Art Contest and Exhibition. Our boys did great! Of the twelve PDS entries, eight works received awards. Congratulations to all of our award winners!

  • Matthew Muller - Honorable Mention Ribbon Winner
  • Harris Laughlin - Honorable Mention Ribbon Winner
  • James Hanlon - Honorable Mention Ribbon Winner
  • Palmer Albertine - 4th Place Winner $25
  • Johnny Dobbs - 2nd Place Winner $75
  • Edwin Wallis - Honorable Mention Ribbon Winner
  • Hall Thompson - 3rd Place Winner $50
  • Charlie Treadwell - Honorable Mention Ribbon Winner

Thinkers and Tinkerers Show Off Projects at PDS Maker Faire

On April 20, PDS was introduced to the “Greatest Show and Tell on Earth” at our first ever Maker Faire, a celebration of innovation and creativity. PDS boys were encouraged to embrace the maker movement and make a project at home to showcase on this night. Whether the project involved science, engineering, art, technology, food, games, or crafts, if a boy made it, he was invited to show it off at the Maker Faire!

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send All the Boys Over!

In a game of Red Rover, two teams line up on opposite sides. Hands are linked together. Individual team members run back and forth trying to capture players for their team. At first glance, the game seems simple. Anyone who has ever experienced this game, however, knows that it is not quite that easy. The game begins with debate. The players huddle together in conversation. Whom should the team choose to call? For a team to be successful, they must understand the design of the game. In the same way, for a school to be successful, it must understand the design of its students.

On theCalendar

Hussey Commons at Presbyterian Day School
9:30 am - 10:15 am

Presbyterian Day School’s Toddler Time events are geared towards boys and girls ages 2 to 4. These free educational opportunities are offered a number of times throughout the year, These events and fill up fast so register your kids today.

Free! RSVP


B100 (Church)
8:15 am
Meets on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. Join other moms in praying for our boys, families, faculty, and school.

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Parents welcome




The home of Lindsey and Rob Tayloe
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

PDS boys share their musical talents. Singers, musicians, even full bands! More Info

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