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Summer Camps Update: Extension of Family Discount Deadline & Survey About Online Camps

Tue, May 5 in News

What's Best for Boys? - Re-Entry Planning for the 2020-2021 School Year

Thu, May 5 in News

VIDEO: What We Miss the Most About Being at PDS

Thu, Apr 4 in How Do You Build a Boy?

Family Emergency Fund

Thu, May 5 in News

VIDEO: Elementary Talent Show Video

Fri, May 5 in News

A Reminder of Our Inclement Weather Communications Procedures

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Student Directory App for Mobile Phones

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Birthday Book Club - Honor Your Son on His Birthday

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The Fall 2019 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

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Steve Hancock

Steve Hancock

What's Best for Boys? - Re-Entry Planning for the 2020-2021 School Year

Dear PDS Families,

We have already begun preparations for next year, and I am excited to share the framework with you today. PDS is actively planning to begin school in the fall.

Information is changing daily, and PDS is utilizing this data to create multiple scenarios to get students back on campus safely and for the start of the school year. Please see our detailed process by clicking the site below.

What's Best for Boys

This site is a living document that will be updated as more detailed information is available. You will find information regarding our planning teams, possible scenarios, and changes to our physical campus, as well as, important contact information.

Have a wonderful summer, and I will be in contact again in the near future.

Steve Hancock

Update from the Headmaster: Plan for Returning and Retrieving Items

Dear Parents,

We are preparing for the close of the school year. As you know, instruction will continue through Thursday. We hope to see as many PDS families as possible on Friday from 11-12 at our end of the year parade. Next week we need to retrieve PDS owned items and give you belongings that remain at school. We want to be safe as we do this, and we have developed a plan.

VIDEO: Elementary Talent Show Video

Singers, Musicians, Martial Arts and even some Engineering, we have a great show for you today! Kick back and enjoy nearly an hour worth of the talents of PDS boys!

Update from the Headmaster: Ask Me Anything Webinar on Thursday

Dear Parents,

It is unimaginable that two months ago, we were together in our main gym, watching the student-faculty basketball game and getting ready for spring break. Life has changed so much in the intervening weeks.

VIDEO: Early Childhood Talent Show!

Dear PDS family,

I am excited to share the Early Childhood Talent Show video with you today. You can access the 25-minute show here at 2pm.

Our Elementary Talent Show video will come out on Friday, May 1, at 2:00 pm. I am proud of the boys who are sharing their talents with the community. Please congratulate the performers through emails, calls, and shout outs as they do not get the benefit of your applause.

This Friday is also our backyard Field Day. Information regarding the different events the coaches have created will become available after chapel on Friday morning. These events have been designed to help you have some family fun. Please note: they are not time-sensitive, and you can attempt the activities at any point that works into your family schedule. Field Day is a time-honored tradition at PDS, and we wanted to give the boys an opportunity for a day of fun.

The video will be available at 2pm today!

Update from the Headmaster: Field Day and Talent Show

Dear Parents,

I hope you are doing well as we head into the final four weeks of school at PDS. Today, I want to share a few important details with you.

First, all of my communications over the past weeks are archived on the PDS COVID-19 page on our website. This page also has information regarding contacting teachers and technology help. Additionally, our calendar cancellations and postponements are listed on this page.

Update from the Headmaster: Our Plan for the Rest of the School Year

Dear PDS families,

As you know, I have been communicating with families on Mondays and Wednesdays during this time of distance learning. In light of Governor Lee’s announcement this past Wednesday regarding schools remaining closed in Tennessee and President Trump’s announcement yesterday about reopening the country, I wanted to provide the following information to you today.

Update from the Headmaster - April 15, 2020

Isn’t it great to get a peek into our different homes around the city. Right now, I am coming to you from our sunroom. It is one of my favorite places to read, reflect and renew. Lately, I have been doing a lot of those very things. In the midst of change, confusion and questioning, there is always time for reading, reflecting and relying on God through it all.

From the Headmaster: Easter Cookies

Dear PDS parents,

During Holy Week, I hope you can take advantage of this extra family time and give thanks together for the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus gave for each of us. If you are like me, I can’t wait for my “normal” routine to return. However, I am trying to think of this time together as a family as a gift.

When my family was younger, we always made Easter Cookies on the night before Easter. My kids looked forward to this event every year and were amazed at the results all through preschool and elementary school. I imagine this recipe is floating around the internet, but I am sharing the version that came home in my oldest’s backpack when she was in pre-kindergarten 18 years ago.

Update from the Headmaster: Your Feedback on Distance Learning and More - April 6, 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you to the hundreds of families who completed our recent survey. I was pleased to see that over 90% of you feel the school is serving the boy’s needs during this time. We have read every comment and taken to heart what families are telling us about this time of distance learning. As you might imagine, the comments run the gamut from positive to frustrated.

First, I want to acknowledge that doing school remotely is difficult and challenging. Not only have our teachers implemented the most significant educational pivot in history, but you have had to change in so many ways as well. This type of learning is especially difficult for our youngest learners. This way of doing school is temporary and not ideal. I am so proud of the teaching staff who is adapting and changing to this situation daily. Thank you for continuing to partner with us.

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