Thu, Dec 07, 2017

Half-Day Dismissal on Dec. 14

Thursday, December 14th is a half-day for all students. First graders will be dismissed at 11:15am 2nd-6th graders will be dismissed at 11:30am. After-School Care is available.

Christmas Pageant Details

On Thursday, December 14th at 6:30pm, the PDS Christmas Pageant for boys in grades 1-6 will be held in the sanctuary. The sanctuary will open at 5:45pm, and seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis. We appreciate your cooperation in not arriving before 5:45pm.

Live Stream

This event will be streamed live on the website for out of town friends and family members. Look for a link on the Parents page on Thursday December 14th.

Pageant Drop-Off

The boys should report to their homerooms at 5:45pm on Thursday evening. Boys in grades 1-5 should be dressed in white, long-sleeved dress shirts and khaki pants. The attire for the 6th-grade boys is based on their part in the program.

Pageant Pick-Up

After the program, the boys will return to their homerooms. A parent must pick up each boy in the classroom. If someone other than a parent will pick up your son, you must notify the teacher in advance. We will not release a boy to an older sibling.

Pageant Nursery

Because it may be difficult for young children to listen to the program, a nursery will be provided for children under the age of four. You must make reservations for the nursery via the PDS website.

Register For The Nursery

The deadline for making a reservation for the nursery is Monday, December 11th at 4:00 p.m.

Register For Nursery

We also request that all children attending the program remain seated in the pews with their parents for safety reasons.

Half-Day Dismissal, Christmas Parties on Dec. 15

Friday, December 15th is also a half-day for all students. Christmas parties in the Elementary Division will be held that morning. After-School Care is not available on Friday.

Classes resume on Tuesday, January 2rd.

Thu, Nov 30, 2017

Please note that if your son is enrolled in the 1st semester lunch plan/drink plan, he will be automatically enrolled and billed $505.00/$95.00 for the 2nd semester on January 1, 2018.

Tired of packing lunches every day? It's not too late to join the lunch plan!

Making Changes

To cancel or sign-up for the lunch program for the second semester: Sign-Up/Opt-Out Form

Fri, Nov 17, 2017


This week’s speaker was Andy Savage, Teaching Pastor at Highpoint Church. Andy is father to five boys, so he has a front-row seat to the frenetic energy that comes from boys.

He told started his talk with a story about the zip line he built in his back yard for his boys. He shared a story about one day, when one of them was bored, he decided to create a fire with leaves and zip over it. Of course, dad had to try it too, but he didn’t quite take into account the extra physics involved when someone heavier gets on the zip line.

Just this week, his eight-year-old son wanted to go swimming. It’s a house rule at the Savage home that you can never wade into the pool. You always have to jump off the diving board. There is no slowly getting used to the temperature. It was 40 degrees out, but he let his son jump in.

“God gave boys an over abundance of energy. It’s a gift. He gave you all that energy because he”God gave you all that energy. He gave it to you like a gift. He gave you all that energy because he wants you to use your energy for good.”

God wants us to be a blessing for others. Andy shared some ways that we can do that:

  1. Encourage someone with your words. Sometimes energy in our bodies can sometimes turn into words that come out of our mouth. No whining, complaining, or fussing — instead, encourage someone with your words.
  2. Do what you’ve already been told to do with a good attitude. You already know what you need to do. Your parents have told you. The best way to show someone you have a good attitude: smile. “I’ve got this Mom, no problem.” Doing work with a good attitude is the only way to make the work go faster.
  3. Do something good that you don’t have to do. Go out of your way to be a blessing, to serve someone. Be a servant leader.

“Take all that energy and point it in the direction of doing something good.”

Tue, Nov 07, 2017

Dear Parents,

Attached is the Intramural Basketball schedule.


Athletic Dept.

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4AB Language Arts

  • Task(s)

    Complete your worksheets on helping verbs, action verbs, and linking verbs.

    Make sure your reading log is in order.  You should have at least three comments by Friday.

4AB Math

  • Math

    Unit 8 Test tomorrow! Please study - use the practice test and study guide to help you. :) You can do it! Decimals are fun!

    Due: Friday, 08 December 2017
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