PDS Express - 3rd Grade Class Rosters

PDS Express - 3rd Grade Class Rosters
PDS Express 8/3/22

Class Rosters

3rd Grade

While it is our hope that these class lists are met with excitement and anticipation of a new school year, we recognize that new beginnings may make some students and parents anxious.

Please know that each student has been prayerfully and purposefully placed. We encourage all of our students and parents to approach class placements as an opportunity to meet new friends and teachers.

We can’t wait to see all of our boys back soon!

3A Rachael Schaefer

Adatrow, Vibav
Atkinson, Stuart
Buchanan, Reed
Chen, Isaac
Eason, Brock
Fischer, Rawlings
George, Crawford
He, Louis
Hill, Thomas
Houston, Jackson
Page, Isaiah
Reid, Lewis
Stockburger, John
Sykes, Price
Thompson, T
Wilson, Webb

3B Charlotte Everett

Bowie, Thomas
Brown, Timothy
Gregory, Lennox
Gusmus, Tucker
Harris, Hill
Hartman, Davis
Kang, Julian
Lytle, Noah
McKinney, Aiden
Moore, Richard
Quinn, William
Riney, Bryce
Sullivan, Wilkes
Tollison, Avett
Willson, Gus
Zoghbi, Chris

3C Brooke Haley

Akhigbe, Theo
Ali, Caleb
Catalano, Eli
Cox, Ellis
Davis, Carsten
Gill, Browning
Glotzbach, Jack
Gusmus, Ashford
Jafarian, Noah
Jones, Mason
Marshall, Henry
Martin, Wilkes
Mitchell, Wills
Robbins, Benjamin
Robertson, Hunt
Shappley, Liam
Wilder, Johnson

Important Dates

PDS Parents,

We hope you are having a wonderful summer and are enjoying all of the fun summer trips, camps, and activities. The new school year is rapidly approaching and school administrators are hard at work planning for the start of our 74th year of educating boys.

Expect to receive more details as we get closer to school starting. For now, please make sure you're aware of the following dates:

Parent Meetings
EC: Fellowship Hall, all others in Hussey Commons
Early Childhood Parent Meeting, August 16, 8:30 am
1st Grade Parent Meeting, August 15, 8:00am
2nd Grade Parent Meeting, August 15, 9:30 am
3rd Grade Parent Meeting, August 15, 3:00 pm
4th Grade Parent Meeting, August 16, 1:00 pm
5th Grade Parent Meeting, August 16, 2:30 pm
6th Grade Parent Meeting, August 16, 4:00 pm

First Days
Preview Days for Young Knights and PK: Thursday and Friday, August 18-19
First Day of School JK through 6th grade: August 17
First full day for Young Knights and PK: August 22

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