February 10th-13th

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What a week!

We celebrated mail carriers and Valentine’s week with such excitement!

In centers, we had a Valentine sensory bin with hearts and confetti and all things pink and red. The boys loved all the textures and colors. We had a letter writing center where boys wrote (scribbled) valentines letters for their friends. We had a mailbox that the boys put the letters into to practice mailing their valentines. We also kept our hospital center open for all of our ailing stuffed animals that needed emergent care. Finally, we had a Valentine dress up center where the boys got to wear silly Valentine accessories.

 In order to learn about mail carriers, we asked the boys what a mail carrier is and what their favorite thing a mail carrier has ever brought them. The boys got so excited answering and it helped them realize how much they appreciate the people who work hard to deliver their mail on time. We made mail carrier bags and pretended to deliver letters out of them.  We celebrated Valentine’s day BIG this week. Our SK buddies came down and helped us make our love bug hats that we wore when passing out of Valentines to our friends. We also made love monsters on white bags to hold all of our Valentines. These were very intricate and come with LOTS of pieces to glue on. We were blown away with the boys’ growth in following directions as well as their fine motor skills and hand strength that have developed throughout the year while watching them complete these love monsters. We wrapped up the week with our party! We danced, ate a special treat, and made mom a special Valentine card. Then, we passed all of our Valentines out to our friends. It was such a fun day!

We also had a very special visitor come and teach us all about what it means to be a doctor and all of the instruments and tools doctors need to keep us healthy. A HUGE thank you to Dr. Lancaster for coming to visit us; William was delighted to help his dad and was such a proud son!

We look forward to learning about firemen and policemen next week- a MUCH ANTICIPATED week for the boys as you can imagine! We hope you enjoy your winter break this Friday and Monday and use the time to rest up and stay healthy for a fun week ahead.

A quick bit of information we would like to share! We have started a Share the Love Supply Drive to benefit Advance Memphis here at PDS! Advance Memphis has a list of desired supplies for their courses. Their supply list looks very similar to the one you may receive at the beginning of each school year. Advance Memphis has a wishlist on Amazon that includes almost everything on the list, as well as a few other big-ticket items. Boys who bring in supplies for the Drive will be eligible for a chance to win a spot prize as they walk through the lobby. If we reach our participation goal and fill our bin with items from the wishlist, we will have a school-wide dress down day. Based on participation through the week, we will announce new incentives at the end of each day. On the morning of Thursday, February 20th, we will be having a Chick-Fil-A breakfast to celebrate the end of the Drive. All proceeds from that breakfast will go towards Advance Memphis. 

The challenge for our boys in EC is as follows:

EC, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Challenge: 

We are challenging your son to gather supplies from doing chores around the house to earn either supplies or money to bring in. Please encourage your son to be bold and creative in how he earns the supplies.

Read 28
Published in YK2 -Kinney/White
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