February 3rd-7th

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What a start to a great month! We continued delving into our study of community helpers with a focus on dentists this week! It is always such a fun and exciting week for the boys.

In centers, we had lots of fun hands on things for the boys to partake in to feel like real dentists! The boys got to use shaving cream and a tooth brush to practice brushing pretend teeth and learned that circular strokes are best when cleaning teeth. They also got to use pipe cleaners to floss playdoh out of a duplo block to get lots of flossing pratice. We used lima beans in playdoh to create a pretend mouth and the boys used pincher grips to pull the teeth like a real dentist. Finally, the boys used a real toothbrush to brush germs (dry-erase marker) off of teeth.

During the week we had many fun activities to learn about dentistry. We started the week off with a favorite book, “Just Going to the Dentist” by Mercer Mayer. We also watched a brain pop jr. video about going to the dentist. The boys were given a yellow tooth, a toothbrush, and white paint. They were to pretend the paint was toothpaste and scrubbed the tooth. We saw the teeth turn white before our very eyes. We talked about how when you brush your teeth, you have to use toothpaste to help you whiten stains. We also colored the yellow teeth with crayons to demonstrate how bad foods can leave stain on our teeth. To further illustrate this, we played “good tooth/bad tooth” and graphed foods onto a happy tooth and a sad tooth based upon if the food was healthy or unhealthy for our teeth. To end the week, we had the coolest activity and always a yearly favorite. We soaked eggs in coke overnight and showed the boys the brown eggs. We talked about how sugary drinks like soda, tea, and coffee can leave stains on our teeth. We tried brushing the teeth with just water and we were able to get rid of some stains. The boys were astonished at the difference adding toothpaste made. We were able to turn the dark brown egg into a sparkling white egg. We discussed how you need to always use toothpaste because it has something in it called fluoride that helps whiten and protect our teeth and how we shouldn’t swallow it because it is bad for our tummies. The boys had a blast scrubbing the brown eggs with toothpaste and toothbrushes during centers.

We also kicked off our community helper visitors this week with a visit from Jeremiah’s mom, Ashley Reeves. She came to talk to use about her most interesting job as a 9-1-1 operator and the boys were glued to her the entire time and were mesmerized by everything she had to say! A special thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to educate our boys, Ashley!

We look forward to talking about mail carriers and Valentine’s Day next week! Remember, next Friday, the 14th, and the following Monday, the 17th, we will have winter break and school is not in session! HAPPY WEEKEND! 

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Published in YK2 -Kinney/White
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