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We had a happy week of harvesting in YK! We continued talking about the Fall harvest with our exploration of how vegetables grow and end up on our tables. At the beginning of the week we talked about different kinds of veggies that we like to eat and passed them around during whole group to talk about their colors and feel their textures. We made corn stalks, sunflowers, tractors and scarecrows. We talked about what scarecrows do to help on a farm. We had several lessons about working together to get jobs done, including shucking ears of corn and "planting" seed patterns. We read many books about farming including The Little Red Hen, Vegetable Soup, Tractor, and I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato. In centers this week we washed vegetables, planted beans in a sensory bin, and painted with corn cobs.

We will continue to learn about the color orange and the circle through the month of October. Next week, our focus will be trees and leaves. We encourage you to send in any beautiful items in nature that you might see over the weekend. Also, we are so excited about Pumpkins with Pop on Friday, October 20th. Be on the lookout for your "formal" invitation! Please let us know if your son is unable to attend or if someone other than dad will be attending. We can't wait!

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This week was the grand finale of our All About Me unit and our exploration of the 5 senses. We focused on hearing and touch. We began the week with a listening walk where we travelled around the school with styrofoam cups to ears to help us listen to sounds. We enjoyed a very special visit from our headmaster, Mr. Hancock, who happens to be an excellent violinist. He talked to us about loud and soft sounds, took requests, and played name-that-tune on the violin. It was such a treat! The sense of touch provided us with lots of fun craft opportunities. We talked about different textures (soft, smooth, rough, bumpy, hard) by touching objects in mystery boxes and talking about how they felt to us. We also made texture hands and texture collages. To end the week, we combined forces with the other YK class for our 5 Senses Celebration. Each teacher had a station where the students were able to explore one of their 5 senses. They painted with spaghetti noodles (touch), posed for a photo booth, played “guess that smell”, tasted (and heard) cocoa krispy cereal, and listened to a story. It was a great day!

We will begin our harvest unit next week and will focus on apples. We will cook applesauce as a class on Monday and would appreciate if you could send your child to school with an apple. The color for the next unit is orange and the shape is a circle. Just a reminder, Fall Break is Thursday, October 5- Monday, October 9. We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Our theme this week was tasting and smelling. I think it is safe to say that the sense of taste has been a favorite topic around here! We introduced taste at the beginning of the week by talking about the different parts of our mouths and how we use them. We made a torn paper mouth craft to go along with the torn paper eyes the boys made last week. We sorted pictures of different foods into the categories of tastes we liked and disliked. We worked on the concept of patterning with fruit loop necklaces and will continue to reinforce this throughout the year. The boys really loved making these and were eager to take them home so they could eat them! As we talked about taste, we discussed four different kinds of tastes: sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. We even got to use our tongues to sample each of these flavors. We were impressed by how willing the boys were to try a few things that they weren’t so sure about (sour pickles and spicy hot tamales)! Another delicious activity was our five senses fruit salad. We sampled the fruits one-by-one and decided if they were sweet or sour or both. We enjoyed making chocolate play-do, drawing with scented markers, and working on sorting colors during centers this week. We read some silly stories such as You Can’t Taste a Pickle with Your Ear, The Nose Book, and If You Give a Moose a Muffin. 

Next week will be our last week in our All About Me unit and we will be closing with the senses of hearing and touch. On Friday, we will have a 5 Senses Party where both classes will combine and explore their senses together in teacher-led sensory stations. Individual school pictures will be taken on Wednesday, September 27th. We enjoyed meeting with you for conferences! Have a great weekend! 

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We hope your boys have come home this week singing about their five senses! We introduced the five senses at the beginning of the week and then focused in on the sense of sight for the majority of the week. At the beginning of the week, the boys made an eye in the color of their own eye using tissue paper. After reading Magic Glasses we discussed how some people have trouble seeing and need glasses to help them. We created our own glasses with pipe cleaners. We worked on our painting skills by using watercolors to make rainbows. We are collecting red items this month to create our classroom caterpillar. We will add a new color section to the caterpillar each month with every color that we learn about. Thank you for your help with this!

We focused a lot on colors we see this week, and will continue to do this throughout the year. We had several centers where the boys sorted items by color and they really seem to grasp this concept. The boys also loved playing with silly glasses and looking at things through magnifying glasses during center time. Next week should be a delicious one as we explore our sense of taste and smell. We will need a little parent participation next week as we make our 5 Senses Fruit Salad so be on the lookout for a note in folders about what to bring. Thank you in advance! 

Have a great weekend! 

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