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We have had a wonderful week learning about sea life!

Many awesome sea creatures were created by the boys this week! We learned about crabs on Monday and the boys loved pretending to walk like crabs to get around the room! We painted paper plates red and created our very own crabs using pipe cleaners! We then learned about jellyfish and watched clips of how they float through the air and how they use their stingers to inject others to protect themselves. The boys were in awe of the many different colors and shapes jellyfish come in! We created our own using paper bags and paint! It was a really fun project and turned out quite beautifully! Next, we used our fine motor skills to complete a beautiful under the sea coloring page! The boys have really grown in their ability to grip crayons with the correct grip and color with intentionality and focus instead of just scribbling! Then, we learned about sea turtles and watched how they fight to make the long journey from their nest to the ocean without getting swooped away! The boys loved cheering them on, and shouted with excitement each time one turtle made it safely into the ocean! We had a guest speaker come teach us some more fun facts about sea turtles as well! We created our own sweet baby sea turtles using a turtle template and torn up brown paper for the turtle’s shell! Mr. Hancock even popped in and joined us in creating these fun turtles. The boys did a great job covering the whole turtle with the brown pieces! They loved pretending to race them into the ocean! We also created our own delicious ocean using vanilla pudding cups, blue food coloring, graham crackers, mini umbrellas, and Swedish fish! These were just as beautiful as they were delicious! We ended the week by learning about the octopus! We learned octo-means 8 and that’s what an octagon has 8 sides and an octopus has 8 tentacles! We counted out 8 cheerios for each tentacle and glued them on! The boys did a great job counting out their cheerios and gluing them to each tentacle! Then, we sorted rainbow goldfish and graphed them according to their color. The boys’ math skills of one to one correspondance and sorting have grown impressively this year! Finally, we joined the other class for our beach party to celebrate the end of our Under the Sea unit! We played with water tables, boats, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk, while enjoying popsicles and many other fun activities! We really enjoyed the boys’ beach party attire! It was a great week in the YK2 room!

We look forward to our last week with the boys next week!

***Miss Kinney and I have our last after school adventure Monday! We are having a fun Splash day! Sprinklers, popsicles, and lots of fun will be had!***

Please read your “Reminder” sheet we sent home about all the information for next week! Don’t forget, our class party is Tuesday and we will not be coming to school that day. We will meet at the Children’s Museum and it will start at 9:30. Also, Wednesday is our last day of school and it is a half day (Dismissal at 10:15)!

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Summer fever has official hit the YK room with all these fun under the sea activities! This week focused on beaches and boats. We have loved reading each morning from our fun under the sea book and learning about a new sea creature each day. We particularly loved looking at and learning about the puffer fish. Our crafts this week have been so much fun creating. Some of our favorite crafts included pirates, submarines, and sail boats.  Our centers were also such a great hit! The boys were completely in control of choosing centers and they had so much fun doing that!. Letting them choose and getting that free play time in is so important to their developmental areas. It is allowing them to use their creativity while developing their imaginations, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength! We finished the week with some super fun under the sea yoga. We are sure the boys would love to show you some of their favorite poses! We also, wanted to thank the moms for coming to our special event Tuesday. We are so happy we were able to celebrate each one of you and the boys were so excited to give you all the special crafts we have worked very hard on!

Next week, we will continue our under the sea unit. It will also be our last full week of school! Time sure has flown by! Our class party will be Tuesday May 23rd.  If you choose to join us on this fun day make sure you have sent in your entrances fee. We also wanted to remind you that we have a few summer camps available for the boys to sign up for! You can check those out on the PDS website.  We hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s day weekend! 

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We had an awesome week wrapping up our nursery rhyme study!

In centers we reenacted rhymes like “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” using the water table, pool noodles, gutter pieces, and other manipulatives. We enjoyed a gardening center in our sensory bin using soil and gardening tools. We explored “moon rocks” in another sensory bin as well. We also let the boys recreate nursery rhymes in free-centers. They got to build Humpty Dumpty’s wall in our block center, pretend to prepare Miss Muffets curds and whey in the kitchen center, reenact the nursery rhymes using our puppets in our dramatic play center, and pretend to jump over the moon using our classroom pillows. It was a very fun, imaginative, and creative week in center time!

During discovery time, we created the last two pages for our nursery rhyme books! We cannot wait to laminiate and compile these to send home. The boys have worked hard on these for weeks and are extraordinarily proud of what they have accomplished! We spent a large portion of our week working on super secret, adorable, heart melting Mother’s day creations that you will discover during Muffins with Mom on Tuesday! We had so much fun viewing nursery rhyme clips on our smart board, reading nursery rhyme books, and acting out nursery rhymes during carpet time! We talked about how most nursery rhymes are fiction, and we explained that fiction is when a story tells about things that cannot happen in real life. We agreed that nursery rhymes fun and magic exists because these aren’t things we usually get to experience or see everyday!

It was such and fun and exciting week and we cannot wait to start learning our “Under the Sea” study next week. We will be focusing on beaches and boats! We look forward to seeing all of you special moms on Tuesday at 8:30 for Muffins with Mom! Also, if you have not returned your supply list, permission for medical assistance, and End of the Year sheets yet, PLEASE do so at your earliest convenience! Have a restful, happy weekend!

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We have had such a fun time this week in YK as we continued our nursery rhyme unit! This week we focused on “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and “ Humpty Dumpty”. The boys have loved singing the nursery rhymes and also dissecting the stories and talking about what is happening in them. Bringing nursery rhymes into the classroom learning has so many great benefits. Not only does the repetition of the rhymes and stories teach children how language works, it also builds memory capabilities that can be applied to all sorts of activities. For example, one center we had this week was a retelling story center that used props for the boys to explore and use. They would take turns retelling the nursery rhymes using the props. It was really amazing to see how some of the boys added more story details and some even had different or extended endings.  Another great center we loved was our block center. Many of the boys pretended to build the wall Humpty Dumpty’s sat on. By building with the blocks the boys are able to explore and learn about gravity, stability, weight, and balance! Throughout the unit we are creating our very own nursery rhyme booklets that the boys will take home at the end.  One craft the boys loved was putting cut up Humpty Dumpty pieces back. This was a great problem solving activity! To keep the pieces together the boys peeled and stuck Band-Aids on Humpty Dumpty, which was not only extremely fun but was also a great fine motor activity. We also made some very cute cut out lamb faces that we used all week when we sang “Mary Had A Little Lamb”! We ended the week with a fun egg drop activity. The boys were given a hard boiled egg and various materials in which to wrap the egg to keep it from cracking open when dropped from up high.  The boys had an absolute ball during this activity and learned a lot through trial and error. : ) 

Next week, we will continue our nursery rhyme unit focusing on “Hey Diddle Diddle” and “ Twinkle, Twinkle”. We will also be working hard on something special for our moms! Tuesday, May 9th will be our Muffins with Mom party at 8:30 in the Hussey Commons. We can’t wait to celebrate our amazing moms! We hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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