Fri, Dec 01, 2017 - 13 Views

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in YK! The boys have been so engaged this week as we have focused on the first Christmas, specifically baby Jesus and the stable. The boys have loved asking questions and learning about Jesus and his birthday. We made festive wreaths at the beginning of the week. It was pretty hard to convince the boys that they were not green donuts! We also made stockings, Christmas trees, and began working on some special ornaments. We have read many stories about the first Christmas. Our favorite was Humphrey's First Christmas, the Christmas story told from the perspective of a camel. We had several fun whole group activities including decorating our classroom tree and making a manger for baby Jesus. The boys were so precious singing "Away in a Manger" to him and rocking him in their arms. Our centers this week included pretend play with a nativity scene, decorating felt Christmas trees, "baking cookies" with cookie cutters and play doh, using our fine motor skills to string jingle bells onto pipe cleaners, and cooking Christmas feasts in the housekeeping center. It is such a privilege to get to teach your boys about this magical season! 

We will continue to talk about the first Christmas next week, focusing on the wise men and the shepherds. Have a wonderful weekend! 

Fri, Nov 17, 2017 - 13 Views

We had a great week with all things camping and even a few fun Thanksgiving projects! Our theme this week was campfires and camp food. We began the week learning how to build a campfire and discussed important safety. We built our own pretend campfire using blocks and colorful paper. We had so much fun sitting around the “fire” singing our camp songs. The boys built miniature campfires using marshmallows, pretzels, and candy corn and also learned the steps in making yummy s’mores! During centers this week we camped in our tent, built shapes with marshmallows and straws, sorted circles and triangles, placed feathers on our sticky turkey, and worked on our fine motor skills by sticking feathers into a colander. One of our favorite discovery times was painting a campfire with marshmallows. We read lots of great Thanksgiving stories and talked about what we were thankful for as we made a few special Thanksgiving crafts for our loved ones! We ended the week practicing good manners by playing a game to learn the polite way to say yes or no to certain foods we may see at the Thanksgiving table.

Next week we will finish our camping unit by discussing tents and teepees. We will also make the yellow section of our colorful caterpillar collage. We look forward to celebrating the end of this unit and the beginning of Thanksgiving break with a classroom campout on Tuesday. Don't forget to send your son in his pajamas! Have a wonderful weekend. 

Fri, Nov 10, 2017 - 16 Views

We had such a fun time this week exploring the animals that live in the forests where we go camping. The boys were so engaged during our carpet time and seemed to really enjoy what we were learning.

We discussed both the animals that live in the trees and the animals that live on the ground! As a whole group, we went searching for animals hiding in our classroom and then sorted these animals into the categories of those that live in the trees and those that live on the ground. We made a paper plate fox and watched videos of foxes leaping through the air on the Smart Board. The boys loved making owls as a group and imitating the sounds that they make in the trees. The most engaging topic of all was certainly bears. The boys LOVED the book Bear Snores On  (ask them to demonstrate how a bear snores!!!) and were excellent participants in the discussion we had about animals gathering food to hibernate during the winter. We also looked at different types of bears and talked about things they like to do. Ask your son where a bear sleeps during the winter! We ended the week by making bear caves then went on our “bear hunt” taking the boys around the school to find a missing teddy bear. During centers this week we sorted colors using fruit loops in our sensory bin, made big bad wolves with the teachers in the craft center, and played with items that we might find in the forest in our nature bin.

Next week we will continue our camping unit with the theme of campfires and camp food and will do some more activities with triangles and the color yellow. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thu, Nov 02, 2017 - 22 Views

We began our much-anticipated camping unit this week and it has been a blast so far! The boys were very excited to find a new addition to our housekeeping area on Monday… a tent for them to “camp” in! We will be playing in our new tent during center time all month. In addition to the tent during center time the boys created waterfalls in the painting center, made triangles out of Play-doh and straws, played at our water table, sorted colors, and observed items from nature that you might find while camping. 

We started the week in our daily whole-group time talking about what it means to go camping and the things that we take with us when we camp. We have some fun pretend camping toys that we passed around and played with. The boys enjoyed looking at pictures of landmarks that we see in nature when we go camping. We created a forest scene with triangles, our shape of the month, and different art supplies. We finished the week by taking our homemade backpacks and lanterns on a hike around the school to look for pictures of things we might see when camping such as waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and trails. They were so enthusiastic and cute! 

We will spend the month focusing on triangles and the color yellow. Our theme next week is forest animals. The boys have already been very eager to talk about bears and "the big bad wolf" during this unit, so we know they will love the activities we have planned!

A quick morning carpool reminder – If you are walking your son in the building, you will need to walk him across at the overhang and not further down the sidewalk. It is difficult to get children out of the cars and watch the whole sidewalk as well. Thank you for your understanding. Have a wonderful weekend! 

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