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The Labor Day holiday was a much-enjoyed time for rest and relaxation, but we were
glad to be back on Tuesday! This week we were all about “I can use glue!” and “I can
tear paper!” There was EXTRA excitement as well because it was our first chapel of
the year and our first library special. Both of these fall on a Wednesday, so it was a
day jam-packed with new experiences!
To practice our newfound skill of using glue, we had a little rhyme we taught the
boys: Just a dot, not a lot (we had them repeat this lots and lots). Each boy had
opportunities to practice with a bottle of glue using sheets of paper with circles just
big enough to be filled by a drop. They might not be perfect yet, but they certainly
CAN use glue!
Tearing paper was a challenge the boys were ready to take on as well! It takes a lot
of fine motor strength to be able to make the tearing motion, so we had lots of
opportunities to practice in whole group time as well as during center time! Initially
they would try to pull the paper apart like the Incredible Hulk, but once they figured
it out they did amazingly well. These boys CAN tear paper!
Our big project of the week was a piece of process art that each boy got to make
independently. They began with lots of glue and took off from there- adding pom-
poms, noodles, buttons, tissue paper, foam and even glitter! They were able to put
their new skills to the test with this art piece. Another great week in YK!

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What a week we have had in YK! We are settling into our routine and getting to know the rules! This week our focus consisted of, “I can walk in line!” and “I can be a good friend!”

We practiced walking in line using our awesome Velcro walking rope. We took trips down to visit the fish in the big tank in the elementary building and walked all around the school simultaneously learning how to walk in line behind our friends and getting to know our school better. The boys blew us away with how quickly they learned our rules for walking in line. Ask them to show you the correct way to line up and be prepared to melt as they “catch a bubble”, put their hands to their sides, and “hair stare” straight ahead to ensure they don’t bump into a friend. They have already grown in the two weeks we have has the pleasure to be with them and we are so proud of their ongoing learning and growth.

We focused a lot of time on friendship this week and what makes a good friend. We asked the boys what they thought made a good friend and got answers that varied from, “giving hugs” to “sharing” and they were right on target. We kicked off the week reading “Mine-o-saur” and learned that friends share and have giving hearts. We each painted our hand and placed it onto a tree we had drawn to act as leaves for our tree. We proudly displayed our friendship tree and it serves as a reminder that we all pledge to be friends to one another all year long. We also read “If You Take a Mouse to School” and learned all the fun things school has in store for us and how we can be friends to one another during all of our fun activities. We got to make our very own mouse during craft time. We ended the week with a bang. We discussed how friends come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, etc. We learned that differences just make friendships richer and more enjoyable. We illustrated this by adding many ingredients to a “friendship trail mix”. As each boy added an ingredient we talked about how each ingredient has similarities and differences but they all were just as important as the next and combine to make a beautiful masterpiece just like we all combine to make wonderful friends with all of our similarities and differences.

We enjoyed strengthening our fine motor skills, focus, gross motor skills, dramatic play, and practicing skills that good friends need to have (like sharing and taking turns) during centers this week. We utilized our Lego table, light table, train table, blocks, kitchen set, puzzles, and playdoh during center time. We also met our specials teachers and look forward to starting to go to Spanish, Bible, Mandarin, library, movement, and music next week. We hope you all enjoy family time over this long weekend and look forward to focusing on gluing, tearing, and sharing next week!

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What a fabulous first week in YK!! We had so much fun meeting and playing with new friends! This week the boys started the “I Can!” unit. During this unit, the boys will spend time exploring their new classroom and school. We will spend time laying down the foundation for skills that will prepare them for the upcoming year. We are also focusing on classroom procedures and routines to help the boys have a smooth transition into the year.
This week we focused on learning how to paint and to follow classroom rules. At the beginning of the week, we made jitter juice, which helped take away all the first-day “jitters”! We also introduced the boys to our classroom dragon, Smokey/Magellen. We discussed what makes a strong young knight and how, by being an excellent example of this, the boys can earn a chance to take Smokey/Magellen home for a special sleepover. The center time activities this week included the block center, dramatic play area, free painting, play-doh, and water table. Each center helps strengthen their fine motor, social skills, and cognitive development. Every week we will spend time working on a specific social skill. This week and next, we are focusing on sharing. We encourage you to spend some time at home talking about sharing and why it is important. 

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