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It was a lovely week in YK! Our community helper focus was mail carriers and postal delivery. It was a perfect theme for also being Valentine’s Day. The week was filled with letters, valentines, thank you cards and lots of sweets! The boys enjoyed making their own mail carrier bag and even delivering a few letters around PDS. Our love bugs were creative decorating their own valentines to someone special at home. We hope you enjoyed them! We discussed Valentine’s Day and what it means to each of us. We learned that we love because He first loved us and that is the best gift of all. Even though the candy & cards were pretty great too! Next week we will focus on police and firemen and how they protect our community. Enjoy your winter break!

Below is a YK update from Mrs. Christenbury, our Bible teacher.

YK classes have been learning so much as we look at some of the Superheroes of the Bible. This idea seems to have really captured their attention and engaged them in the stories. They loved learning about the "power" that God gives his helpers to do amazing things. So far, we have talked about David, Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Peter, Noah and of course, the greatest Super hero of all times, Jesus!  We talked about how God gives each of us the power to do great things, too. The Young Knight boys also love to come to the Bible room and have centers. Favorite centers include dress up, tent, blocks, plague critters and Noah's Ark. We love to sing and dance, too. Two of our favorites are below. Follow our adventures on Instagram- pdsbible

Jesus Is My Superhero

Pharaoh Pharaoh

I am so happy to be a part of your son's spiritual growth experience! 

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Our community helpers unit has already been so much fun! Last week we learned all about doctors and nurses and this week we began exploring dentists and oral health. The class welcomed a special visitor to speak to us about visiting the dentist office. We discussed the types of foods that make our teeth happy or sad and that visiting the dentist can be fun! For an experiment, we soaked an egg in Coke overnight and discovered that the egg had turned a yucky brown color. We discussed how this could happen to our teeth when we eat and drink sugary foods and liquids. We then brushed the eggs with a toothbrush and toothpaste and watched it turn back to its pretty white color. We enjoyed a yummy discovery activity as we made edible mouths using apples, wowbutter, and marshmallows. It was delicious and made our teeth very happy! In centers this week, the boys examined real dental X-rays, practiced brushing, and designed a model mouth using play-doh and lima beans.

We will continue our community helpers unit next week and will be focusing on postal workers. Our Valentines Day party will be on Wednesday so please remember to bring in 15 valentines by Tuesday 2/13 for your son to pass out. Our Tuesday/Thursday friends will have a special celebration and will bring their Valentines home on Tuesday. If candy is included, please make sure that it is peanut-free. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! 

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We have begun our community helpers unit with the theme of doctors & nurses. It was a week full of X-rays, doctor kits and playful visits to the “doctors office”. The boys learned all about doctors and the many ways they help our community. We learned that we visit the doctor not only when we aren’t feeling our best, but also for check-ups to help us stay healthy. Our crafts this week included a doctor kit full of useful tools, a stethoscope, and a very unique germ monster! We are trying our best to stay healthy and keep those germs away!

We introduced new and exciting centers that were a hit! The boys loved the doctor office where they had endless hospital supplies to doctor up some their favorite stuffed animals. We introduced “alphabet ouchies”, matching a letter bandage to the matching letter ouchie, reviewing X-Rays at the light table, and “boo boo bear” where the boys worked on their fine motor skills. We are looking forward to learning all about dentists next week. Have a great weekend!

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We had the best week wrapping up our theme study of winter. This week, we concluded our snowman theme and introduced two of our favorite winter animals, penguins & polar bears!

The boys were very creative designing their own wind blow snowman and also deciding unique ways their snowman could melt. We loved hearing their answers! Penguins and polar bears were both a huge hit with our boys. We read many books about penguins and their families, how they keep warm, what they enjoy eating and the funny ways they get around. The boys have perfected the penguin waddle!

In centers this week, we made sock snowmen, stuffed penguins with cotton balls (working on our fine motor skills), counted how many fish the penguin had for lunch, and painted watercolor landscapes of their icy homes. A favorite center was hibernating like polar bears by cozying up while reading library books.

We finished our study of the rhombus shape by making a blue rhombus monster! Don’t worry, he’s silly not scary! Next week we will begin a new unit learning all about community helpers focusing on doctors and nurses. We will continue working on shapes and colors during this unit learning more about the color pink and the heart shape. Have a great weekend! 

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