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This month in YK we are busy learning about the Winter season.

We will be talking about the changes of weather in winter and what we do to prepare for the changes. We also talk about the many different things animals do to prepare for the winter season.

This week we will be learning about hibernation. We will discuss what it means to hibernate and learn about different animals that hibernate throughout the winter and how they prepare for hibernation.

We will also talk about how we make different clothing choices in winter to protect us from the cold.

During center time we will be adding many new winter activities to some of our favorites.

We will be adding winter accessories to the dress up center and allowing the boys to experiment with trying to put on their own gloves, scarves, and toboggans.

We will be constructing snowmen using playdoh and and various materials like buttons and pipe cleaners.

We will create animal tracks in the snow using white playdoh and animal figurines.

We will do various activities with ice including using our fine motor muscles to transfer ice cubes from a bowl to an ice tray. We will also freeze animal toys into ice cubes and let them go ice-skating.

We will try to imagine what playing in snow is like and paint the tables of our classroom with shaving cream.

Our last activity of the week will be freezing kool aid and painting with it then enjoying a special frozen treat as we make snow cones in or classroom.

Fri, Dec 13, 2019 - 36 Views

Another wonderful week in YK! In keeping with our Christmas unit, we focused a lot of our carpet time on learning about the birth of Jesus- the reason for the season! We used the Beginners Bible on Monday to help give us a big overview and then went in to smaller details from there. The boys had so many good questions about the animals that were there, the star and even the manger where baby Jesus was laid. We loved watching their interest grow throughout our lessons.

On Wednesday, we got a BIG surprise when the coaches decorated their hallway with trees, lights and even a silly Santa. The fun did not stop there, as we had another surprise on Thursday from the PDS Band. The boys were able to enjoy classic Christmas songs from live instruments!

Centers this week got a new addition with the Nativity Scene. It was helpful for the boys to be able to see what we were talking about in toy form as it sparked further discussions and questions. We added a drawing center where the boys worked hard to draw what they believed Santa’s face looks like. This center not only strengthened strengthen their fine motor skills, but also helped them focus and concentrate.

They are all working very hard on their surprise performance for the Christmas party and can’t wait to have parents here to celebrate with them next Thursday. It is sure to be SO much fun!

Fri, Dec 06, 2019 - 52 Views

We have hit the ground running with all things Christmas this week! We started our week with decorating our class tree with ornaments, tinsel and even Candy Canes. Each boy really took ownership of what they wanted to see the tree look like and it turned out GREAT! Our classroom elf arrived as well and it was so much fun listening to the creative names that were thought up and seeing the silly things he has been doing when we get to the room each morning! We spent carpet time this week covering Christmas traditions such as why we use stockings and why there is a star on top of our Christmas tree.

Our centers focused a lot on exploration of the Christmas holiday. We sorted bows by color, used magnets to search for jingle bells and even used felt to decorate Gingerbread men. Our Christmas dress-up center was a large hit! The boys all had so much fun trying on different glasses, hats and headbands to make up a fun, festive look. The most challenging center this week was decorating our paper tree with Velcro ornaments. The challenge came not from the task of putting up the ornaments but from collaborating with a buddy to make the tree look how they envisioned. By the end of the week they were able to work together like pros!

We wrapped our week with a wonderful all-school Christmas Chapel. The boys all sat and listened attentively- they are growing so fast. Can’t wait for next week!

Fri, Nov 22, 2019 - 59 Views

Gobble, gobble! This week in YK, the focus was all on Thanksgiving! We incorporated a few new centers that included a turkey feather stuffing game that the boys loved and that also helping strengthen their fine motor skills. Also, do not be surprised if your son asks to help make a pumpkin pie! We went through all the steps and discussed all the ingredients that were needed, then made an adorable pumpkin pie craft! We spent the majority of the week talking about gratitude and what we are thankful for. Teaching this attitude of gratitude requires helping them to look at their life from the point of appreciation. Those who learn how to feel and express a sense of gratitude grow up to be well rounded individuals with a higher level of self-efficacy and interpersonal skills. We play a Thanksgiving manners game that teaches the boys to say, "Please" and "Thank you," and it is so great to see that they are already using these manners at home because they all did such a fantastic job! Next week is a short week! Tuesday will be our last day before Thanksgiving break and the boys will be having a "campout" at school! This means they are allowed to come in their pajamas, and we will be camping out in our classroom to celebrate the end of our unit!

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