September 30th-October 4th

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We wrapped up our study of the five senses by studying taste! We read “I Hear a Pickle!” We discussed many things you can both taste and smell and had a very fun activity to kick the week off. We conducted a taste test using the following four flavors: salty, sweet, spicy, and sour. We used pretzels for the salty, chocolate chips for the sweet, red hots for the spicy, and pickles for the sour. Sweet and salty definitely stole the show and were the runaway favorites!

We had a blast in centers, as always! We used silly glasses and mirrors to focus on our sense of sight. We used instruments to focus on our sense of sounds. We used blocks and magnatiles on the light table to focus on our sense of touch. In the kitchen, we pretended to use our sense of taste by cooking up yummy pretend treats. Finally, we used our coffee bean sensory table to focus on our sense of smell!

Wednesday was our MUCH anticipated five senses party! We rotated to five stations and got 5 minutes at each fun station. Each station focused on a different sense and was led by a different teacher. The boys had so much fun it was difficult for them to pick which station they liked the best!

-The sense of taste station was quite a yummy time with Mrs. Ledlow. We mixed together different sweet and salty flavors (since they were their favorite after all) to create a delicious trail mix we got to taste and take home!

-The sense of smell center with Mrs. Smith was a mysteriously fun time! The boys had to sniff 5 mystery bags and guess what scent was in each and once everyone had guessed, the mystery was revealed. The bags were filled with hot chocolate, lemon juice, vinegar, pickle juice, and coffee beans. The wrinkling of noses was quite a spectacle and the boys loved guessing.

-The sense of sound was quite a rocking good time with Mrs. White and a clear favorite of many of the boys. They got to pick an instrument and rock out! They were ready to hit the road and make it big after this fun five minute jam session.

-The sense of touch was another delightful guessing game and the boys could not stop giggling as Ms Kinney had them feel balloons with mystery objects inside. The boys felt balloons filled with water, marbles, salt, corn kernels rice, and cotton balls and had to guess what was inside. Once everyone had guesses, the mystery was revealed!

-Finally the boys enjoyed trying on silly glasses and looking at themselves in the mirror with Ms Harris to celebrate their sense of sight. It never gets old seeing yourself in a funny pair of glasses and the boys were having a blast showing their friends their new silly looks.

This has been such a wonderful week celebrating what a blessing our five senses are to us and we cannot wait to begin our apple study next week! We look forward to seeing you all at conferences this Friday!

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