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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Customized Approach to Math

Adapting to the Learner + Adjusting the Curriculum

A changing world creates design opportunities for the smart and flexible school like PDS. “Historically, learning is one size fits all, yet classrooms have very diverse learners. Some students master concepts and skills relatively quickly and are rarely challenged, while other students need extra direct instruction and practice time on various skills and concepts,” says PDS Headmaster Lee Burns. “Smart schools are designing learning environments that adapt or adjust the curriculum on a daily basis to the needs of each learner rather than the learner being expected to plow through a set curriculum at a set pace.”

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The Faithful Follower

Is Loved by God

● Gives up control of his life to Christ
● Lives his life faithfully in response to the gospel
● Saved by grace
● Leads a joyful life
● Lives with God’s promises in mind
● Is completely committed
● Studies God’s Word