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You can give him more than
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The Young Scholars Program

We're fully invested in the these boys for 8 years. Will you invest with us?

The Young Scholars Program at PDS

We’ve been blessed with gifted teachers and a great curriculum, so we feel it’s important to share with our community. We’re going into neighborhoods all over Memphis to search for young boys with exceptional potential and offer them a life-changing education. To get the most from this opportunity, students need to start at the beginning – in junior or senior kindergarten – and stay with us until graduation from 6th grade. To ensure we can fulfill this 8-year commitment, we fund our young scholars one at a time. A boy does not begin until we have raised the full amount we’ll need to see him through. This includes much more than average academic scholarships. We provide the full cost of our education.

Stringent requirements

Our young scholars must:

  • Come from a household with combined income of no more than $80K
  • Score well on our entrance exam
  • Be recruited by our admission liaison

Though maybe a little unconventional, the third requirement is in place to ensure that we not only find the right boys but also the right families. We are looking for commitment, dedication and a passionate desire from parents to partner with us in the education of their child.

Proven track record

We’ve already graduated 15 exceptional young scholars at a total cost of more than $2 million. And they’re all successfully continuing their education at area middle and high schools – Memphis University School, Christian Brothers, Collegiate School, Saint Benedict, White Station, and Woodland Presbyterian.

Our goal

Now that we know our program works, we want to expand it by adding 6 to 10 boys each year, so that by 2024, we have 48 to 80 young scholars. How much will it cost? In today’s economy, the complete cost of one boy’s education is $10K a year – $80K for the entire 8 years.

Ideal funding

PDS will absorb 50% of the cost of the program. Because parents need to have a strong vested interested in supporting their student, we hope to have them pay around 10% of the cost. This means we must raise 40% through contributions and from foundations and grants.


Here’s how you can help.

When you support the Young Scholars program, you’re supporting Memphis. The boys you help educate have real potential to become our future leaders in government, business, education and social justice. Here’s what we need from you.

  • $350k funds one position in perpetuity.
  • $10K funds one boy for a year.
  • $5K funds a half-scholarship for one boy for a year.

As we said, we believe this program is so important for Memphis that we’re funding half of it ourselves. But that’s absolutely all we can do without weakening our overall financial position. We greatly appreciate any amount of help you can provide.

For more information

Call McKee Humphreys, Director of Development at (901) 842-4602 or email:


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Strategic Initiatives


Presbyterian Day School strives to glorify God by developing boys in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. (1 Corinthians 10:31 and Luke 2:52)

How can we be even more mindful of our mission? An organization's mission statement often changes to meet the needs of each era, but at Presbyterian Day School, our mission statement has been unchanged since 1949. Our mission is at the heart of our Strategic Initiatives which focus our fund-raising around three core elements: Young Scholars, Teachers, and our Building Boys, Making Men program.