Building Boys, Making Men


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Building Boys, Making Men Program

Help us raise up a generation of Servant Leaders.

The Building Boys, Making Men Program at PDS

Without a compelling vision of godly manhood, our boys may accept unhealthy myths that could short-circuit God’s plan for them. Which is why we must go beyond academics to also teach faith, values, and character. We’re entrusted not only with their brains, but also their hearts and souls.

The 7 Virtues

Through Building Boys, Making Men, a program created here at PDS, all ages learn the Seven Virtues of Manhoood through chapel programs, class meetings, devotions, classes, and their relationships with the PDS faculty and staff. In addition, fifth and sixth graders take a year-long seminar that gives them a vision of manhood that will help them make wise choices during the teenage years and beyond. Together we discuss, within a Biblical context, issues and pitfalls ahead: friendships and peer pressure, drinking and drugs, girls and dating, puberty and sex, and school and family relationships.

Begin at the beginning

Our seminar and book speak to older boys. Given the success we’ve seen with them in the upper grades, we believe it’s time to more intentionally introduce the concept of godly manhood to our younger students. By beginning in the first grade, we’ll have many more years to train our boys up in the way they should go. We need to create age-appropriate materials all the way up the ladder. Plus, we’d like to build a dedicated digital platform so our families can follow along with us. Discussions at home are just as important as those at school.

Teachers Award Fund


Reaching the role models

Beyond Building Boys, Making Men, we also seek to reach families with Strategic Dads University, a program to teach fathers how to be better, stronger and more strategic. We know from our initial speaker events that fathers are hungry for information. We want to bring in more speakers and create events to involve the whole family.

But, of course, this requires funding. So we’re asking for your help. Your gift means we can continue teaching godly manhood in all grades of our school.

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Steve Hancock - Advancing Our Mission

Read Advancing Our Mission, Headmaster Steve Hancock's article that describes elements of our Strategic Initiatives:

Advancing Our Mission

Strategic Initiatives


Presbyterian Day School strives to glorify God by developing boys in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. (1 Corinthians 10:31 and Luke 2:52)

How can we be even more mindful of our mission? An organization's mission statement often changes to meet the needs of each era, but at Presbyterian Day School, our mission statement has been unchanged since 1949. Our mission is at the heart of our Strategic Initiatives which focus our fund-raising around three core elements: Young Scholars, Teachers, and our Building Boys, Making Men program.