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2019 Book Fair

The 2019 Book Fair will be held on November 4-7 in the Baber Gym.

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ClassDayTimeAdd to Calendar
YK1/YK2 Wednesday, 11/6 10:30–11:00 Add to Calendar
PK1 Eggers/Kilgore Tuesday, 11/5 9:30–10:00 Add to Calendar
PK2 Bell/Scott Wednesday, 11/6 8:30–9:00 Add to Calendar
PK3 Arnold/Stewart Thursday, 11/7 10:30–11:00 Add to Calendar
JK1 Caruthers/Spiegelman Thursday, 11/7 12:00–12:30 Add to Calendar
JK2 Beard/Treadwell Tuesday, 11/5 12:00–12:30 Add to Calendar
JK3 Rauscher/Yarbrough Wednesday, 11/6 12:00–12:30 Add to Calendar
SK1 Butler/Muller/Thomas Wednesday, 11/6 1:30–2:00 Add to Calendar
SK2 Kelley/Goddard Thursday, 11/7 2:00–2:30 Add to Calendar
SK3 Lindsey/Umberson Tuesday, 11/5 2:00–2:30 Add to Calendar
1A Cox Tuesday, 11/5 8:30–9:00 Add to Calendar
1B Brundick Tuesday, 11/5 10:30–11:00 Add to Calendar
1C Ramsey Tuesday, 11/5 8–8:30 Add to Calendar
2A Richards Tuesday, 11/5 1:30–2:00 Add to Calendar
2B Pouget Wednesday, 11/6 11:00–11:30 Add to Calendar
2C Taylor Tuesday, 11/5 11:00–11:30 Add to Calendar
3A Schaefer Wednesday, 11/6 8–8:30 Add to Calendar
3B Tackett Thursday, 11/7 8–8:30 Add to Calendar
3C Haley Wednesday, 11/6 10:00–10:30 Add to Calendar
4A Klinke Wednesday, 11/6 12:30–1:00 Add to Calendar
4B Rudzena Wednesday, 11/6 9:30–10:00 Add to Calendar
4C Creasman Tuesday, 11/5 12:30–1:00 Add to Calendar
4D Stenberg Tuesday, 11/5 10:00–10:30 Add to Calendar
5A Pruitt Tuesday, 11/5 1:00–1:30 Add to Calendar
5B Hewer Thursday, 11/7 11:30–12:00 Add to Calendar
5C Weatherford Thursday, 11/7 11:00–11:30 Add to Calendar
5D Phillips Thursday, 11/7 1:00–1:30 Add to Calendar
6A, 6C Porter/Riley Wednesday, 11/6 9:00–9:30 Add to Calendar
6B, 6D Garner/Porter Wednesday, 11/6 1:00–1:30 Add to Calendar


Birthday Book Club

The PDS Birthday Book Club has served for more than twenty years as a way to honor your son on his birthday. It has strengthened our library tremendously. Thousands of books have been added to the library because of this wonderful program.

Boys enrolled in the club are given the opportunity to be the first to check out the new books chosen in their names. Shown in the front of the book is a special plate with the boy’s name and birthday. If you would like to place a book in the library in honor or memory of someone, it can be handled on this form, as well. This is a great way to remember teachers at Christmas or at the end of the year.

We request a minimum donation of $15.00 that should be paid in advance. Please fill out the form below and return it to the PDS Library with a check made payable to the PDS Birthday Book Club. Since this is a contribution, your gift is tax-deductible. For more information, contact Brooke Clement at 842-4641.

Download Sign-Up Form

@pdslovesbooks on Instagram

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