5th Grade - The Seven Virtues of Manhood

At PDS, we want every boy to learn what it really means to be a man. That’s why we wrote The 7 Virtues of Manhood, which walks boys through each of the virtues and shows them what the virtues look like in daily life — at school, with friends, at home, and with God.

Each month, 5th-grade boys are reading that chapter for that month’s virtue — you can see what this month’s virtue is above.

5th Grade Assignments 2019 - 2020


Thursday, 29 - Friday, 30 - Breakaway at Victory Ranch

September - True Friend:

Memorize John 15:12
Thursday, 12 - pgs. 2 - 9
Thursday, 26 - pgs. 10 –15

October - Humble Hero:

Memorize 1 Peter 4:10
Thursday, 24 - pgs. 19 - 26

November - Servant Leader:

Memorize Philipians 2:3–4
Thursday, 7 - pgs. 29 - 35


Thursday, 5 - Mentor Groups

January - Pacesetter:

Memorize 1 Timothy 4:12
Thursday, 16 - pgs. 39 - 43 (until “Being Pacesetters” on 43)
Thursday, 30 - pgs. 43 - 50

February - Bold Adventurer:

Memorize Joshua 1:9
Thursday, 13 - pgs. 53 - 62
Thursday, 27 - Mentor Groups

March - Noble Knight:

Memorize Isaiah 32:8
Thursday, 19 - pgs. 65 - 70
Thursday, April 2 - pgs. 71 - 74

April - Faithful Follower:

Memorize John 10:27
Thursday, 9 - 5th graders lead chapel
Thursday, 16 - pgs. 77–78
Thursday, 30 - pgs. 79 - 84


Thursday, 14 - Hopes/Dreams/Fears about 6th Grade

The Seven Virtues of Manhood


6th Grade - Flight Plan

To equip boys as they grow into men, PDS spent the past 20 years developing Flight Plan, a clear, candid guidebook that unpacks what godly manhood is and what it looks like in daily life — in peer pressure, puberty, grades, dating, and more.

6th Grade Assignments 2019 - 2020


Thursday, 22 - Friday, 23 - Victory Ranch Breakaway


Wednesday, 4 - First meeting
Wednesday, 11 - Ch. 1: Prepare for Takeoff
Wednesday, 18 - Ch. 2: The Six Myths
Tuesday, 24 - BBMM Forum - Myths of Manhood (jacket and tie)
Wednesday, 25 - Man In The Arena Event
Friday, 27–29 - Father/Son St. Louis Trip


Wednesday, 2 - Mentor Meeting
Wednesday, 16 - Ch. 3: The Seven Virtues
Tuesday, 22 - BBMM Forum - True Friend (jacket and tie)
Wednesday, 30 - Ch. 4: Finding Your True Friends


Wednesday, 6 - Thanksliving
Wednesday, 13 - Ch. 5: Resisting Peer Pressure
Tuesday, 19 - BBMM Forum - Peer Pressure (jacket and tie)


Wednesday, 4 - Mentor Groups
Wednesday, 11 - Ch. 6: The Dangers of Alcohol and Drugs


Wednesday, 8 - ERB
Wednesday, 15 - Ch. 7: Relationships and Dating
Friday, 17 - BBMM Forum - Puberty (jacket and tie)
Wednesday, 22 - Ch. 8: Understanding Puberty


Wednesday, 5 - Mentor Group
Wednesday, 12 - Ch. 9: Purity and Porn
Wednesday, 19 - Mentor Group
Tuesday, 25 - BBMM Forum - Screens or Family & Father Son Banquet (jacket and tie)
Wednesday, 26 - Ch. 10: Screens, Stories and Songs


Wednesday, 4 - Mentor Group
Tuesday, 17 - BBMM Forum - High School Girls and Dating (jacket and tie)
Wednesday, 18 - Ch. 11: Loving Your Family
Wednesday, 25 - Mentor Group


Wednesday, 1 - Ch. 12: Why School Matters
Friday, 3 - Mother/Son Luncheon
Wednesday, 8 - Mentor Groups
Tuesday, 14 - BBMM Forum - High School Boys on life skills (jacket and tie)
Wednesday, 15 - Ch. 13: Targeting True Success
Wednesday, 22 - Mentor Groups
Wednesday, 29 - Ch. 14: Cleared for Takeoff


Wednesday, 6 - Review Book
Monday, 18 - Rib/White-Out Day
Friday, 15 - Father/Son Retreat

You can explore more Flight Plan resources for you and your son — like discussion questions, life skill infographics, and action steps — at flightplan.org. Just go to flightplan.org/takeoff to create your account.

Flight Plan

The Faithful Follower

Is Loved by God

● Gives up control of his life to Christ
● Lives his life faithfully in response to the gospel
● Saved by grace
● Leads a joyful life
● Lives with God’s promises in mind
● Is completely committed
● Studies God’s Word



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