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    number writing number words 0-20 decomposing 1-5 ordinal numbers symmetry estimation count by 10s graphing
Fri, Nov 08, 2019

We have had a terrific “T” week. We started our small group reading series this week with a book titled, “Tom at the Dam”. The boys loved having their own book to take home and read with their family members. We have started discussing sentence writing with the boys. What is a sentence? What do we need to begin a sentence? What do we need at the end of a sentence? We have begun dictating sentences to the boys, and they have also started writing their own sentences on paper , and in their journal.

We added teen number words with our red words this month. We have played several games this week with number words. The boys loved playing a new game this week with their words. called Head Hunters. The boys placed a number word label on their forehead, and then boys would write that number down on their paper next to that boys name.

The boys started decomposing numbers 0-5 this week. They have enjoyed learning songs about number pairs and practicing number pairs independently.

The weather has been very cold lately , and we will continue to go outside daily if the temperature is above 32 degrees. Please make sure your son is dressed appropriately.

Fri, Nov 01, 2019


     What a fun filled week we have had in SK!!  We celebrated the letter H with hats, crazy hair, Halloween, and hotdogs with Headmaster Hancock!!


     We worked on our handwriting with extra emphasis on our blending (gl, cl, etc.) and incorporated blending words with use of a capital letter. We practiced our red words by playing some fun games called "Knock Out", Sparkle- Sparkle-Zap, Boom, and learned a few new songs!  We wrote in our journals about Halloween, created a picture with crazy hair, practiced our reading skills on Reading Eggs, sorted our hats to discuss similarities and differences, read in small group Bug Has A Hut , and are enjoying the chapter book The Candy Corn Contest that our teacher is reading aloud.


     We explored math this week with our two class pumpkins.  We estimated the height, diameter, and how many seeds our pumpkins would contain.  Then we talked about what measuring tool we should use to find the exact measurements of our pumpkins and compared our estimates or our actual measurements.  We designed, carved our big pumpkin, and then roasted our pumpkin seeds.  Boys are enjoying estimating a jar of goodies each week.  At the end of the week, we count the exact amount to practice counting by 2's and 10's.  The boy that estimates the closest to the exact amount, gets the goodies in the jar!!  We are also enjoying learning about bones , and are excited about our upcoming activities on Thanksgiving!


      Happy November!  The homework calendar for this month is in your son's folder.  Have a great weekend!



Fri, Oct 25, 2019

WOW! Grandparents Day was amazing. We were so happy to see all of our Grandparents on campus. We have worked so hard and the boys loved showing off their talent! Thank you to our awesome music teacher, Mrs. Pearson.

Along with Grandparents Day, we reviewed several skills this week. We wrote about our experiences at Cedar Hill Farm with our dads. That is a trip we will never forget!

We reviewed our red words while playing Bingo and our syllables by playing 4-corners.

We started our study of symmetry. The boys worked in groups to create a “symmetree”. We worked on our communication skills and acted out appropriate ways to work as a team. The boys loved this activity and we are excited to do more group projects in the future.

We are looking forward to “h” week. Please make sure to check in on Seesaw for several announcements throughout the week.

Wed, Oct 16, 2019

We have had a lovely “L” week! The weather is changing and we are enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of fall. We will be going outside everyday. Please pack your son a sweatshirt or jacket for recess if needed.

Cedar Hill Farms was the highlight of our week. The weather was perfect and we loved seeing and hearing all the laughs at the farm. The tunnel slide was a big hit and oh boy those pigs sure can run fast! We hope you all have found the perfect place to put your pumpkin too.

We learned this week that “l” could be a twin consonant. A twin consonant comes immediately after a short vowel at the end of a word. For example: gill and mill.

The boys were also introduced to l blends (gl and cl).   When finger tapping these blends, the boys learned they only get 1 tap. Blends work together as a team. Please take time to watch the finger tapping video on Seesaw.

We started syllables this week. We have enjoyed clapping out our words and names. A great review at home is the gonoodle.com clap it out video. The boys love dancing and clapping with this silly video.

We have started our estimation unit. The boys love guessing how much candy is in each container. They also love looking at the guesses on the number grid and seeing how close their guess was to the actual amount. We will continue with estimation all year long building up to counting objects to 100+.  

We continued writing numbers 0-20 this week. Next week we will start work on the 30s. Please practice number writing using the blue handwriting folder a couple of times a week.

We have extended our ten frames unit this week. We have played several games with ten frames and number words. We have written the room, played back to back and matched number words to ten frames. Please practice your number words 0-10 at home nightly with your red words.

Grandparents’ Day is next week. Please make sure you have returned your note letting your teacher know how your son will be getting home. The boys are working hard and they are excited to show off their talents!

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