Wed, Oct 16, 2019

We have had a lovely “L” week! The weather is changing and we are enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of fall. We will be going outside everyday. Please pack your son a sweatshirt or jacket for recess if needed.

Cedar Hill Farms was the highlight of our week. The weather was perfect and we loved seeing and hearing all the laughs at the farm. The tunnel slide was a big hit and oh boy those pigs sure can run fast! We hope you all have found the perfect place to put your pumpkin too.

We learned this week that “l” could be a twin consonant. A twin consonant comes immediately after a short vowel at the end of a word. For example: gill and mill.

The boys were also introduced to l blends (gl and cl).   When finger tapping these blends, the boys learned they only get 1 tap. Blends work together as a team. Please take time to watch the finger tapping video on Seesaw.

We started syllables this week. We have enjoyed clapping out our words and names. A great review at home is the clap it out video. The boys love dancing and clapping with this silly video.

We have started our estimation unit. The boys love guessing how much candy is in each container. They also love looking at the guesses on the number grid and seeing how close their guess was to the actual amount. We will continue with estimation all year long building up to counting objects to 100+.  

We continued writing numbers 0-20 this week. Next week we will start work on the 30s. Please practice number writing using the blue handwriting folder a couple of times a week.

We have extended our ten frames unit this week. We have played several games with ten frames and number words. We have written the room, played back to back and matched number words to ten frames. Please practice your number words 0-10 at home nightly with your red words.

Grandparents’ Day is next week. Please make sure you have returned your note letting your teacher know how your son will be getting home. The boys are working hard and they are excited to show off their talents!

Fri, Oct 04, 2019

What a Marvelous “m” week we have had! The boys have loved writing letters and blends in shaving cream and sand trays. We are continuing our unit on rhyming and have enjoyed creating our own rhymes and sharing them with our classmates. The boys were introduced to the number words 0-10 this week. We will be studying these words for the entire month of October.

The boys have been working hard on using the clues in the classroom to help with writing skills. The boys are excited to use the red word wall during games and handwriting practice. They are learning to find the words on the wall by the beginning sounds. This will help the boys all year during sentence writing and journal time.

We have also had lots of Marvelous math fun. The boys are becoming excellent number writers. We will continue to practice writing number 0-20 next week. We encourage you to sit down and practice with your son a couple of times a week using the blue handwriting folder.

Positional word games have been big hit this week! The boys loved practicing moving Pete the cat around the school bus and singing songs with Pete.

The boys have been exposed to ten frames over the past couple of weeks. They are beginning to understand how to use the visual ten frame boards to know how many more to make 10. For example, we can ask the boys to show how to create 3 on a ten frame. Then we can ask them how many more they will need to get to 10. The boys love this thinking challenge.

We have slowly been sneaking in our fall and harvest games and activities. We are ready for the cooler weather and our trip to Cedar Hill Farms with our dad! Don’t forget, no school on Oct. 18th. Please be on the look out for Cedar Hill Farms information on Seesaw.

This week we have been using our sense of smell through smell bags. Some bags were a big hit, others not so much. We are looking forward to our sense of touch unit next.

We started a new character trait this month. Our character trait is Humble Hero. We will discuss all month different ways to be humble and the meaning of humble. It is always fun to watch the boys embrace each character trait.

We hope you all enjoy a safe and fun Fall Break next week whether it is here in our hometown or away on vacation. Please email us a picture of an activity you have done together. We will be making a Fall Break book to share with the class. This is a great way to for us to practice our listening and speaking skills.

Sun, Sep 29, 2019

What a Great week we had in SK studying the letter G. We worked hard this week
blending and finger taping letter “g” words. We can’t wait to show you how to finger
tap sound out at home. Our poetry journal this week taught us about a grasshopper,
and we learned how to express ourselves with exclamation points.

We used our red words this week to make a sentence in our journals and played
several new games. Our favorite game this week was 3 Billy Goats Gruff red word
bridge. That sneaky Gruff did not want us to cross the bridge. During small groups,
we went on a color word hunt around the room and drew pictures to match our
color words. Please continue to work on red words nightly with your son. We will
be adding number words 0-10 in the month of October.

This week, we learned how to code words. We learned to always search for the
vowel first and then look to see if there is one consonant after the vowel. If the
word has 1 vowel and a consonant immediately after, we can give the vowel a breve.
The breve tells us the vowel will say its sound. Ask your son to show you how to use
a breve at home. We will continue coding our 3 letter words over the next few

Teen numbers can be tricky, but we learned a great song to help us remember
“numbers in the teens start with a one.” We have loved dancing and singing this
week. We have been counting nickels and pennies up to 10 and used our knowledge
to do small group coin counting and play money bingo. We are working hard on
number writing and letter writing. Please practice at home using your blue
handwriting folder.

We have enjoyed studying our 5 senses. Using our listening skills only we played a
sound matching game. It was difficult not being able to talk with our friends to find
the match. We will be exploring our sense of smell next week.
We will be starting a new character trait next week. We will be discussing what it
means to be a Humble Hero.

We are looking forward to letter M next week. We are excited to challenge
ourselves with more coin counting, positional words and continue our study of ten


Upcoming dates to remember:
October 4 th : conference day- no school for boys
October 10-14 th :Fall Break
October 18 th : Father/Son trip to Cedar Hill Farms
October 25 th : Grandparent’s Day

Fri, Sep 13, 2019

  We had a great week exploring the letter A by sampling different kinds of apples and graphing our favorites!  We are continuing to work on our handwriting skills and practicing our red words and color words.  Boys were excited to long onto Reading Eggs to help strengthen their reading skills in a fun way!  We also learned about what a scientist does, the tools involved in being a scientist, and look forward to exploring science through our five senses next week!

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