Holly Lindsey

Holly Lindsey

Senior Kindergarten Teacher

| Friday, 24 January 2020 |

week of January 20

We have had a radical “r” week! This week has been very busy for the letter “r”. The boys have learned 6 new blends this week. We are starting to blend and write more 4-5 words, and we are so proud of how the boys are always up are a challenge. We started exploring punctuation deeper and discussing what a complete sentence looks like. We have been looking at sentences and discussing which punctuation mark fits the sentence. We wrote in our journals this week and we are working hard to put our thoughts on paper.

The boys have been counting tally marks by 5s for 99 days! We are looking forward to celebrating the 100th day on Monday. Please have your son wear his class t-shirt on Monday. Since we know how to count tally marks, we are now working on writing tally marks. Please practice counting objects in your house and writing tally marks. The boys have been introduced to all the coins. They enjoy counting coins and playing “fill the bank”.

This week, we started discussing weather. We are starting with SNOW! Oh, how we wish it would snow! We have surveyed our friends on their favorite snow activity and used our tally marks to read our results.

We are wrapping up our MLK unit, and we have enjoyed discussing how God created everyone unique and special and how we are to always celebrate who we are. We also talked openly about how to treat others and to make sure we use our words to express ourselves and not our hands.  

| Friday, 10 January 2020 |

week of Jan. 6

u and ch blog           

We have had a great first week back. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays. This week the boys have worked very hard on several new skills. We introduced our 4th vowel this week- “U”.   The boys learned about the diagraph “ch”. We discussed the meaning of a digraph and how it makes 2 letters create a totally new sound.

We are continuing to discuss sentence structure with correct punctuation, capitalization at the beginning of sentences and correct sentence order.

We reviewed our coins and their values by playing musical chairs. We made number stories and decomposed numbers. We used post it notes to find ways to break numbers down and graphed our results.

| Friday, 13 December 2019 |

P week

We have had an absolutely perfect “P” week! The activities were priceless, and we particularly loved the Peter Pan play at Playhouse on the Square. What an exciting adventure! Everyone had a favorite part. Please ask your son about his.

We enjoyed a pickle tasting this week as well. We tried spicy, sweet, dill and bread and butter pickles. Some were tasty and others not so much! We graphed our favorites and discussed math vocabulary terms such as more, less, greater and less than.

We ended our week with a PJ day to celebrate the season with all our SK friends! We drank hot chocolate with marshmallow and watch the original Peter Pan movie. We discussed the differences between the play and the movie. What a sweet celebration we had!

This week in language arts, we added “pl” to our blend list. We also reviewed when to use the letter c or the letter k at the beginning of words. Have your son tell you which vowel sound goes with c or k. We are starting to create inventive sentences. Please have your son practice at home. Give your son a red word and have him create and write a sentence for you.

In Math, we are counting by tens to 120 and using our dimes to help us. We will continue to practice our decomposing skills and move into addition. We are now writing 0-50. Please practice with your son a couple of times a week.

The weather has been very cold lately, and we will continue to go outside daily if the temperature is above 32 degrees. Please make sure your son is dressed appropriately.

| Friday, 08 November 2019 |

Week of Nov.4- Nov. 8

We have had a terrific “T” week. We started our small group reading series this week with a book titled, “Tom at the Dam”. The boys loved having their own book to take home and read with their family members. We have started discussing sentence writing with the boys. What is a sentence? What do we need to begin a sentence? What do we need at the end of a sentence? We have begun dictating sentences to the boys, and they have also started writing their own sentences on paper , and in their journal.

We added teen number words with our red words this month. We have played several games this week with number words. The boys loved playing a new game this week with their words. called Head Hunters. The boys placed a number word label on their forehead, and then boys would write that number down on their paper next to that boys name.

The boys started decomposing numbers 0-5 this week. They have enjoyed learning songs about number pairs and practicing number pairs independently.

The weather has been very cold lately , and we will continue to go outside daily if the temperature is above 32 degrees. Please make sure your son is dressed appropriately.

| Friday, 25 October 2019 |

week of Oct. 21

WOW! Grandparents Day was amazing. We were so happy to see all of our Grandparents on campus. We have worked so hard and the boys loved showing off their talent! Thank you to our awesome music teacher, Mrs. Pearson.

Along with Grandparents Day, we reviewed several skills this week. We wrote about our experiences at Cedar Hill Farm with our dads. That is a trip we will never forget!

We reviewed our red words while playing Bingo and our syllables by playing 4-corners.

We started our study of symmetry. The boys worked in groups to create a “symmetree”. We worked on our communication skills and acted out appropriate ways to work as a team. The boys loved this activity and we are excited to do more group projects in the future.

We are looking forward to “h” week. Please make sure to check in on Seesaw for several announcements throughout the week.

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