Holly Lindsey Written by  Oct 16, 2019

week of October 14-18

We have had a lovely “L” week! The weather is changing and we are enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of fall. We will be going outside everyday. Please pack your son a sweatshirt or jacket for recess if needed.

Cedar Hill Farms was the highlight of our week. The weather was perfect and we loved seeing and hearing all the laughs at the farm. The tunnel slide was a big hit and oh boy those pigs sure can run fast! We hope you all have found the perfect place to put your pumpkin too.

We learned this week that “l” could be a twin consonant. A twin consonant comes immediately after a short vowel at the end of a word. For example: gill and mill.

The boys were also introduced to l blends (gl and cl).   When finger tapping these blends, the boys learned they only get 1 tap. Blends work together as a team. Please take time to watch the finger tapping video on Seesaw.

We started syllables this week. We have enjoyed clapping out our words and names. A great review at home is the gonoodle.com clap it out video. The boys love dancing and clapping with this silly video.

We have started our estimation unit. The boys love guessing how much candy is in each container. They also love looking at the guesses on the number grid and seeing how close their guess was to the actual amount. We will continue with estimation all year long building up to counting objects to 100+.  

We continued writing numbers 0-20 this week. Next week we will start work on the 30s. Please practice number writing using the blue handwriting folder a couple of times a week.

We have extended our ten frames unit this week. We have played several games with ten frames and number words. We have written the room, played back to back and matched number words to ten frames. Please practice your number words 0-10 at home nightly with your red words.

Grandparents’ Day is next week. Please make sure you have returned your note letting your teacher know how your son will be getting home. The boys are working hard and they are excited to show off their talents!

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