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| Friday, 19 July 2019 |

Parent Teacher Conferences

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Effective communication and partnership between the home and school is an essential ingredient in helping each boy reach his potential. Parents must be kept up-to-date even beyond the report cards issued each trimester. Open and regular communication will not only avoid negative surprises but will also encourage parents to join us in our efforts with their boys. The school encourages both/all parents (as applicable) to attend these conferences.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are held twice a year and are one method of communication with parents. Fall Conference Day, October 4, will be a student holiday. Winter Conference Day, January 31, will also be a student holiday. For students enrolled in AfterCare, a full day of care will be provided for those who pre-register. More information about AfterCare on conference days will be announced prior to each conference day.

Last modified on Friday, 19 July 2019