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PDS believes that the Bible teaches that every person is created in the image of God, who calls us to love one another. PDS therefore strives to make every boy and family feel welcomed, included, loved, respected and understood as part of a warm and gracious school community.

PDS believes that the Bible teaches that the diversity of people and their backgrounds helps to reveal the splendor and power of God, that His love overcomes all differences, and that He calls us into common fellowship and community. We therefore intentionally seek out and serve boys and families of all racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and strive to build an inclusive school community in which every boy feels like he fits.

PDS believes that we live in a world that is increasingly interconnected and diverse and that part of our responsibility to our boys is to equip them to be leaders in a world comprised of many individuals who possess knowledge, ideas, faith traditions, beliefs, worldviews and backgrounds different from their own.

We therefore believe that we should enroll boys of differing backgrounds and beliefs so that all PDS boys will develop the ability to learn from and respectfully relate to individuals from many backgrounds. Furthermore, we believe that our curriculum should reflect that diversity and include knowledge of various heritages and viewpoints, promote the ability to see similarities and differences among us, help boys to see diversity as a strength, and encourage boys to nurture an impulse of respect and empathy. We believe that teachers and parents can each play an important role in modeling and encouraging this growth for our boys.

We believe it is important that all members of the PDS community understand that PDS views the Old and New Testaments as true and authoritative and therefore as the foundation of the school that is Christian. We believe that PDS should continue to happily and intentionally welcome and serve boys and families of various faith traditions.

We believe that all students, regardless of their faith tradition or worldview, should learn the Old and New Testaments, know what the Bible teaches is necessary for salvation, and see how a Christian community strives to act and worship. We believe this teaching and modeling should be done in a way that is winsome, non-proselytizing, and sensitive to the fact that members of the school community hold a variety of religious beliefs, including from both Christian and non-Christian faith traditions.

We believe it is important that all members of the PDS community be respectful of and gracious to other members who hold differing religious beliefs and worldviews from their own. We believe it is important in today’s world for members of all faith traditions and worldviews to do a better job of listening to, understanding, and interacting with one another.

Finally, we believe that, among our very oldest students, it can be helpful for them to see the similarities and differences, as well as the contributions of, the major faith traditions and worldviews.

We believe that every boy and family should be known, nurtured, respected and loved.

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