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PDS Maker Faire - Thursday April 16

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The Premiere of "The Shield" — A Monthly News Show by Students

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Using EDGE Design Thinking to Bring Relief to Food Deserts

In January, PDS fifth graders were asked to brainstorm answers to this question: “What do people need to survive?”

The list of responses from the boys was extensive and thoughtful. After a great deal of lively debate, each homeroom class independently came to the same conclusion: food.

Thinkers and Tinkerers Show Off Projects at PDS Maker Faire

On April 20, PDS was introduced to the “Greatest Show and Tell on Earth” at our first ever Maker Faire, a celebration of innovation and creativity. PDS boys were encouraged to embrace the maker movement and make a project at home to showcase on this night. Whether the project involved science, engineering, art, technology, food, games, or crafts, if a boy made it, he was invited to show it off at the Maker Faire!

Hobbies Fathers And Sons Can Do Together

According to Psychology Today, in almost every major study involving parenting, mothers were the only ones interviewed. This comes from an assumption that mothers were the key or more important parent for upbringing.

Unfortunately, it is hard for fathers to challenge the assumption since they only spend an average of 1 hour a day with their sons. In a survey by Bandai toys, they found that all the fathers they interviewed said the pressures of work cut down on their time with their sons. Of those fathers, 84% felt they spent too little time with their sons and 79% wanted to strengthen the father-son bonds.

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send All the Boys Over!

In a game of Red Rover, two teams line up on opposite sides. Hands are linked together. Individual team members run back and forth trying to capture players for their team. At first glance, the game seems simple. Anyone who has ever experienced this game, however, knows that it is not quite that easy. The game begins with debate. The players huddle together in conversation. Whom should the team choose to call? For a team to be successful, they must understand the design of the game. In the same way, for a school to be successful, it must understand the design of its students.

How to Get Boys to Read

The so-called “gender gap of reading” is partly a result of boys finding a limited selection of books geared to young males. Psychologists have noted that boys are much pickier when it comes to books, while girls read everything from Jane Austen to Orson Scott Card. And while the arguments on gender-specific and gender-neutral literature will continue, educators and parents ask: How can we choose books that will keep our boys reading? 

The Power of Reading Aloud

Now that my children are teenagers, I don’t get the opportunity to read aloud to them on a daily basis. Recently, I was going through some books at home and came across several of our favorite stories from their elementary school days. Just holding the books brought back great memories of reading before bedtime. The first chapter book I read to my daughter was E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. I read each page with excitement, and we both cried at the end. As soon as the tale was over, my daughter begged me to read it again.

Music and the Arts in a Private Boys’ School

The best private schools in the country strive to help students become successful in academics, athletics, and the arts. This “triple threat” student is often sought after by secondary schools and colleges. Most schools are successful in creating programs that give students opportunities in academics and athletics, yet the arts are often underresourced and treated as an afterthought. Add the dynamic of an all-boys school, and it is easy to lose sight of the importance of the arts.

Boys, from a young age, are encouraged to play sports. This is a natural response to their energy and enthusiasm. Who doesn’t know a three-year-old boy who is drawn to a ball? The ubiquitous appeal of sports draws even the youngest. An all-boys school will often capitalize on the “sporty” nature of kids by offering sports-based PE classes and organized team sports after school.

Video: PDS Golf and Games - a STEAM Experience

How do you get over 400 elementary school boys focused on learning when it’s 2 days until Fall Break?

How about a 2-day STEAM experience: PDS Golf and Games!

Boys built their own carnival games and a miniature golf course.

Special thanks to Golf and Games Family Park for partnering on this STEAM experience.

Why Choosing a Private School Has a High ROI

Universal public education is a modern concept. The first law that required public schooling was passed in 1852, in Massachusetts. By 1917, every state in America required public schooling. However, private schools have been around as early as the 6th century. The King’s School in Canterbury is the oldest known private school in Europe. Historically, private schools came first. They were preparatory schools for higher education or the army, or religious charity schools for the poor. They were supported by religious or independent institutions. Private schools are considered more prestigious because of the “double selection” process: parents choose the schools, and the schools accept the children. However, more and more, parents are asking if there is any real difference between the two. The main question is, for them: “Is sending my child to a private school worth the expense?”

37 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Elementary or Pre-School - Free Guide

37 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Elementary or Pre-School e-BookSelecting a school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your children.

Websites and brochures will only give you a sense of the school environment and will only answer a few of your questions, so make sure that you visit all the schools on your list, if you can. A visit is the best way to determine whether a school is right for your child.

At a school visit, it’s important to ask the right questions to make sure the school is the best fit for your child.

To make the process easier, we have created this list of essential questions to help you to get all the information you need. Print a copy of these questions for each school you are visiting and answer each question.

Get the FREE Guide

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