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Answering Boys' Questions about the Journey to Manhood

Can you answer these questions? Will you?

I asked this question to seven boys this morning:

If you could have one question answered about the journey ahead, what would it be?


Here are their questions:

Do You Like Transition? The Art of Instilling Values in Our Boys

The more I am around boys of all ages, the more I am convinced that there are two definitive seasons of parenting: the season of instilling values and the season of allowing your boys to try out their own values. I think that there are some key mistakes that we make in both stages.

6th Graders on Retreat at Victory Ranch

6th-grade boys are away for the Breakaway Retreat at Victory Ranch for 2 days of spiritual growth (and a lot of fun).

We'll be updating this article as the tweets from the retreat roll in.

A Scriptural Code of Conduct for Boys

Are you casting and modeling a vision for what it means to be a godly man? Are you providing your sons with a scriptural framework to help guide him through the process?

Let’s look at what God’s word has to say about what it means to be a godly man. Let this serve as your “code of conduct” for this year of teaching your son.

A scriptural code of conduct for teaching your boys what it means to be man:

Are You a Humble Hero for Your Son?

“Humility is the most difficult to fall virtues to achieve; nothing dies harder than the desire to think well of oneself.” -T.S. Eliot

“The only hope of a decreasing self is an increasing Christ.” -F.B. Meyer

“Humility is the proper estimate of oneself.” -Charles Spurgeon

Teaching our boys to be humble is difficult in our society. Our society continually inflates the egos of athletes, actors and others. No wonder our culture has a hard time being humble. We live in the wealthiest country in the world and most often have everything we think we need. Although success in itself is not a bad thing, when we begin to think of ourselves better than we should it can become a downfall. If we want to teach and model humility to our boys, we must know what it means to be a Humble Hero and how to model that for them. A scriptural look at humility gives us good insight into the DNA of a Humble Hero.

The Humble Hero Vision

Herb Hodges, a gifted teacher both here in Memphis and all over the world, has written a great book entitled Tally Ho, the Fox. In it he makes a great comment concerning vision. Hodges states, “vision is getting on your heart what God has on His.” What a simple yet profound statement.

Virtue 7 - The Heart Patient

Flight-Plan-LogoGive Up Control

Heart surgery is a painful process because it requires change. It requires giving up control of your life. Heart Patients give up control of their lives in order to live for Christ. They live to glorify God in all they say and do.

Virtue 6 - The Noble Knight

Flight-Plan-LogoCalled to Duty

Noble Knights live by a code of conduct and integrity. Principles, not conveniences and comforts, motivate them. Real men are Noble Knights. They have a code of principles they are going to live by, no matter what. They are the same person no matter what the circumstances.

Virtue 5 - The Bold Adventurer

Flight-Plan-LogoDon't Sit Around

Growing into a man is a great adventure. God put an adventuresome spirit in our heart. Bold Adventurers don’t sit around with their equivalent of the sofa and remote control. They follow where God leads and are obedient to His plans for their life.

Virtue 4 - The Moral Motivator

Flight-Plan-LogoMake a Difference

Real men are motivated to build communities that are moral. Injustices offend them. The poor and under-resourced grieve their hearts. They have a strong desire to fix these things. Moral Motivators make a difference in their community.

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