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Birthday Book Club - Honor Your Son on His Birthday

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Back-to-School - Sign-Ups, Dates, and Information for Parents

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The Fall 2019 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

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How to Subscribe to Your Son's Class Calendar

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Required Medical Forms for All Returning Students

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Change of Address or Phone Number? Please Let Us Know!

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Grandparents' Day 2019 - October 25 - Save the Date

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Building Boys Making Men Podcast - 002 - Intentional Conversations

In this episode, I talk about my strategy of intentional conversations. Don't miss out on opportunities to interpret and speak truth into the messages from media. Also, set a rule: no one-word answers!

Building Boys Making Men Podcast - 001 - Casting Vision

Host Braxton Brady talks about casting a vision of godly manhood and womanhood for our kids. What does it mean to cast a vision for your kids?

Are You a Fantasy Football Parent?

We are in the middle of football season and for many people Fantasy Football is an integral part of their sports life. Leagues are formed, drafts are held, and trash talk ensues. Games are watched intensely each and every week.

Many people watch certain teams or games only to see if their players are going to score fantasy points so their teams can win.

Interestingly enough, I think we have transferred the motives of Fantasy Football to parenting. I think we have become a generation of fantasy parents.

The 3 Primary Roles of Fathers: Teacher, Counselor, Coach

One of the key ingredients to being a strategic and intentional dad is teaching our boys to apply biblical truth to everyday life. I have often found that life as a follower of Jesus often gets fuzzier the closer it gets to real life. As fathers, we must understand that we must fulfill three primary roles in the discipleship of our boys.

A Father’s Responsibility: Teaching Boys to Contribute

Fathers are called to show their sons what it means to be responsible.

Responsibility shows that your son is growing up, maturing, and can handle bigger things. Doing dishes, mowing the yard, watching and playing with younger siblings and other acts of service are things that can yield more than allowance.

Possibility of Failure: Are You Willing to Let Your Son Hang?

Are you willing to let your kid hang?

Sky hanging.

Ever heard of it? I hadn’t either until I read an article and saw this picture (courtesy of Mustang Wanted).

Apparently, a Ukranian daredevil has decided to get his picture taken from high places while he dangles from his hands and feet. I must admit that looking at the pictures freaks me out. I can’t even imagine the phone call from one of my kids telling me they are going to do anything remotely close to this.

The more I looked at the pictures and the more I thought about the craziness of this stunt, the more I began to think about how much control I actually try and place over my children.

Application, Not Just Information: Cast a Vision and Prepare Boys for Their Future

One of the key messages that I try to convey to dads is the idea of parenting with the end in mind. We must have a strategic plan for what we want our sons to know and be when they leave us for that next season of life at eighteen.

We must think and parent with college in mind. The best thing you can do as a father is take a day and walk around a college campus. This will give you a great perspective on what’s ahead for your son.

Thinking about college reminds me of a great story I heard from a parent about their son’s first few weeks at school. This particular young man was ready to go. He registered for classes and moved into his new home in the dorm. This young man was working his way through college and was on a strict budget. All he could afford for his meals were cheese and crackers.

The Beatitudes & Raising Boys

The word beatitude is translated, “blessed are.” The word means “happy.”

The idea is not that we are simply happy in the sense that we are happy after a good meal or after we have laughed at a funny joke. It refers to a deeper happiness, a happiness that comes from peace with God.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus challenges his listeners and us as well. As you read the Beatitudes, you might be thinking that this is an odd list of traits.

True Friendship According to 2nd-Grade Boys

Our virtue this month at PDS is the True Friend.

Stephanie Taylor’s 2nd grade class came up with the following definitions for true friendship. I thought they were worth sharing.

Asking the Right Questions When You Pick Your Son Up from School

What is the first thing you ask your son when you pick them up from school?

I often tell parents that question is a very good indicator as to what they value. It also leads your son to think that this is what you are focusing on with them. We make a huge mistake as parents when our first question is focused on performance. I think we often ask about grade and homework before we ask questions of the heart.

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