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Information about Grandparents’ Day - For All Parents

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You Can’t Do It All. Stop Trying!

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Grandparents' Day is Friday, Oct. 25 - Register Here!

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Birthday Book Club - Honor Your Son on His Birthday

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How to Subscribe to Your Son's Class Calendar

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Boys Need to Wiggle and Move

How Do You Build a Boy? Wednesday, October 16, 2019 1:01 PM

Boys move. A lot. They're loud and messy and have trouble sitting still. And that's completely okay. We're experts at channeling that energy.

Want to learn more about what we teach our boys? Check out our online curriculum guide.

Want to see HOW we teach our boys? Please register for our Early Childhood Open House on November 7 at 9:00am.

Friday, October 25th is Grandparents’ Day at PDS. Grandparents should have received an invitation in the mail. If your son doesn’t have a grandparent who can attend the program, he may ask a special relative or friend to attend. Please make sure to register your son’s special guest via the PDS website.

Due to limited seating, Grandparents’ Day is for grandparents or special guests only. The program will be live streamed for viewing online.

Because parents cannot attend the program Friday morning, 1st–6th grade parents are welcome to attend the dress rehearsal on Thursday, October 24 at 1:15pm in the Sanctuary. Early Childhood students will not be participating in this rehearsal. Please understand that the afternoon dress rehearsal will be a working run through with many starts and stops. It will not be exactly like the real performance.

What to Wear:


red, white, and blue attire, socks, tennis shoes


solid white t-shirt, blue jeans, socks, tennis shoes


solid colored polo style collared shirt (no emblem), khaki pants, belt, socks, tennis shoes


solid colored polo style collared shirt (no emblem), khaki pants, belt, socks, tennis shoes


Boys in 1st through 5th grade should wear long khaki pants, a solid white polo style collared shirt (no emblem), a belt, socks, and school shoes.


Attire depends on parts assigned to students. Students may have more than one part. If so, they will have a costume change during the program.

  • Buckets: long khaki pants, white long-sleeved button-down collared shirts, and dress shoes
  • Balloons: long khaki pants, white long-sleeved button-down collared shirts, red ties, navy blazers, and dress shoes
  • Cowboys: long khaki pants, long/short-sleeved plaid shirts (flannel or non-flannel), cowboy boots or “hiking” boots IF available- if not, then athletic shoes
  • Soldiers: long khaki pants, short-sleeve olive drab t-shirts, “hiking” boots IF available- if not, then athletic shoes
  • Iwo Jima re-enactors: parents have received separate info about these costumes
  • Speakers: long khaki pants, white long-sleeved button-down collared shirts, red ties, navy blazers, and dress shoes

Schedule Information for All Boys:


Boys in YK–6th grade should arrive at the normal time on the morning of Grandparents’ Day. The morning carpool lines will operate as usual. The early morning rooms will operate in the normal manner that morning.


Grandparents’ Day dismissal will be at approximately 11:45. After the program, Grandparents will have an opportunity to visit their grandsons’ classrooms. Boys will then be signed out in their classrooms by their grandparents. There will be no carpool dismissal for any student. If a boy does not have a grandparent attending the program, parents may pick up their sons in their classrooms after the program.

Aftercare will be available for boys who are enrolled and have made a reservation.

The 2019 PDS Book Fair is coming up soon! The dates are set for November 4 – November 7. This year we are excited to once again, partner with NOVEL. Each class is scheduled a time to attend the book fair, and parents and special friends are encouraged to attend with the boys during their scheduled times. Please see the schedule at the bottom of this post for specific times for each classroom.

The Book Fair will be open:

  • Monday, November 4th: 5pm–7pm
  • Tuesday, November 5th: 8am- 3pm
  • Wednesday, November 6th: 8am–3pm
  • Thursday, November 7th: 8am–3pm

The Book Fair kicks off Monday evening, November 4th, at 5pm. This is a great time to attend the book fair with your son if you have a conflict during your son’s scheduled visit. It is also a great time to preview the book fair, listen to Mr. Hancock read to the boys, and support classmates during the Children’s Reader Theater presentation. It will be a great night for all!

Teacher Wishlists:

Be sure to visit the Classroom Wish List table to purchase books chosen by the teachers for your son’s classroom. This is an excellent way to build the PDS classroom libraries, and it is so appreciated by our teachers.

Help PDS Support Berclair:

There will also be an opportunity for you to support our partner school, Berclair Elementary. When checking out at the register, you may make a contribution to purchase books for “Berclair’s Read for the Record” day. The PDS 6th grade boys visit Berclair Elementary and read to the Kindergarten students. After the reading, the Berclair Kindergarten students are given books to take home.


ClassDayTimeAdd to Calendar
YK1/YK2 Wednesday, 11/6 10:30–11:00 Add to Calendar
PK1 Eggers/Kilgore Tuesday, 11/5 9:30–10:00 Add to Calendar
PK2 Bell/Scott Wednesday, 11/6 8:30–9:00 Add to Calendar
PK3 Arnold/Stewart Thursday, 11/7 10:30–11:00 Add to Calendar
JK1 Caruthers/Spiegelman Thursday, 11/7 12:00–12:30 Add to Calendar
JK2 Beard/Treadwell Tuesday, 11/5 12:00–12:30 Add to Calendar
JK3 Rauscher/Yarbrough Wednesday, 11/6 12:00–12:30 Add to Calendar
SK1 Butler/Muller/Thomas Wednesday, 11/6 1:30–2:00 Add to Calendar
SK2 Kelley/Goddard Thursday, 11/7 2:00–2:30 Add to Calendar
SK3 Lindsey/Umberson Tuesday, 11/5 2:00–2:30 Add to Calendar
1A Cox Tuesday, 11/5 8:30–9:00 Add to Calendar
1B Brundick Tuesday, 11/5 10:30–11:00 Add to Calendar
1C Ramsey Tuesday, 11/5 8–8:30 Add to Calendar
2A Richards Tuesday, 11/5 1:30–2:00 Add to Calendar
2B Pouget Wednesday, 11/6 11:00–11:30 Add to Calendar
2C Taylor Tuesday, 11/5 11:00–11:30 Add to Calendar
3A Schaefer Wednesday, 11/6 8–8:30 Add to Calendar
3B Tackett Thursday, 11/7 8–8:30 Add to Calendar
3C Haley Wednesday, 11/6 10:00–10:30 Add to Calendar
4A Klinke Wednesday, 11/6 12:30–1:00 Add to Calendar
4B Rudzena Wednesday, 11/6 9:30–10:00 Add to Calendar
4C Creasman Tuesday, 11/5 12:30–1:00 Add to Calendar
4D Stenberg Tuesday, 11/5 10:00–10:30 Add to Calendar
5A Pruitt Tuesday, 11/5 1:00–1:30 Add to Calendar
5B Hewer Thursday, 11/7 11:30–12:00 Add to Calendar
5C Weatherford Thursday, 11/7 11:00–11:30 Add to Calendar
5D Phillips Thursday, 11/7 1:00–1:30 Add to Calendar
6A, 6C Porter/Riley Wednesday, 11/6 9:00–9:30 Add to Calendar
6B, 6D Garner/Porter Wednesday, 11/6 1:00–1:30 Add to Calendar

A little help navigating all there is to do for your kids.

Birthday parties. Sports games and practices. Music recitals and lessons. Tutoring. Help in homeroom. Classroom events. Chapel. Help with homework. Parenting events. Robotics. Scouts. Lunch with your child. After-school adventures.

And that is just part of a list for one child at one school. You might also have just as much to do for other children, as well as plans as a family, taking care of other relatives, neighborhood gatherings, and church and social commitments. Not to mention the fact that you work and need some personal downtime every now and then.

If you are like most parents, you may feel overwhelmed by all there is to do. You may even feel anxiety or guilt over not doing some of the things available to you and your kids.

Last modified on October 16, 2019

On theCalendar

B100 (Church)
8:15 am
Meets on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. Join other moms in praying for our boys, families, faculty, and school.

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Parents welcome




The home of Lindsey and Rob Tayloe
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

PDS boys share their musical talents. Singers, musicians, even full bands! More Info

9:00 am - 10:00 am

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