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Online Spirit Sale: Get Sold Out Nike and Under Armour Items

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Birthday Book Club - Honor Your Son on His Birthday

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The Fall 2019 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

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How to Subscribe to Your Son's Class Calendar

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Change of Address or Phone Number? Please Let Us Know!

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Grandparents' Day 2019 - October 25 - Save the Date

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The Spring 2019 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

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The Winter 2018 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

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Moving this summer?

Change in email address?

Change in phone number?

If you have any changes in your contact information, please let us know so that we can list your information correctly in next year’s Student Directory.

Contact Kim Bridgforth with changes.

Email Kim Bridgforth

Congratulations to the newly slated Parents’ Association Board for the 2019-2020 school year!

Please volunteer for the various opportunities supported by the Parents’ Association. A sign up sheet will be included in the back-to- school packet and online in August


President – Melinda Liles

Vice President - Dupree McDonald

Nominations – Emily House

Secretary - Ashley Frazer

Treasurer – Susan Patterson
Vice Treasurer - Margaret Walk

Accelerated Reader Chair – Amy Dudek
Accelerated Reader Vice Chair - Sara Madasu

Art Appreciation Chair – JJ Keras
Art Appreciation Vice Chair - Jenny Carter

Band Support Chair – McLean Doughtie
Band Support Vice Chair - slate in fall

Berclair Partnership Chair – Jennifer Hobson
Berclair Partnership Vice Chair - Carol Fields

Book Fair Chair - Michelle Wilson
Book Fair Vice Chair - Krista Tadlock

Community Rewards – Deede Sherman
Community Rewards Vice Chair - Anne Dunavant

Crusaders Care Chair – Katie Moore
Crusaders Care Vice Chair - Grace Knight

EC Connections Chair - Taylor Moore
EC Connections Vice Chair - Krystal Shaw

Elementary Connections Chair – Molly Taylor
Elementary Connections Vice Chair - Courtney Stamps

Faculty Appreciation Chair – Emily Quinn
Faculty Appreciation Vice Chair - Kristen Griffith

Father/Son Event Chair – Laura Russell
Father/Son Event Vice Chair - Amanda Ray

Hospitality Chair – Lydia Norfleet
Hospitality Vice Chair - Malaney George

Library Volunteers Chair – Amy Wilhite
Library Volunteers Vice Chair – Susan Waters

March Mania Co-Chair - Cara Grinder
March Mania Co-Chair - Leanne Sykes

PDS Buddies Chair - Paula Sansom
PDS Buddies Vice Chair - Lindsey Tayloe

Sixth Grade Graduation Banquet Chair - Carey Snider

Sixth Grade Mother-Son Luncheon Chair – Kristi Carmichael
Sixth Grade Mother-Son Luncheon Vice Chair - Stephanie Hughes

Spirit Sale Chair – Palmer Smith
Spirit Sale Vice Chair - Chavanne McDonald

Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

Look up phone numbers and email addresses in the Student Directory (login required).

Last month, PDS had a parent seminar on social media, smartphones, and other technology for kids. Parents raised great questions, and many of the best solutions came from other parents. This blog is our attempt to share the best of that meeting with you and to answer some of the follow-up questions.

The Problem We All Face

By God’s design, our kids desire community and connection—and in their purest forms, smart phones and social media can help create community and connect people. We see that good as parents, but we also see the dangers in technology. We’re all in the struggle to figure out the right thing for our children based on their age, their maturity, and God’s unique design of them.

Last modified on April 16, 2019

Our bi-annual Grandparent's Day celebration is coming the morning of October 25, 2019.

Save the Date!

If you have had changes in contact information for your son's grandparents recently, please help us update our records so that we can send out an invitation for Grandparents' Day. Contact Kim Bridgforth with updated information.

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