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At PDS, We Believe that God is Heartbroken. And We Are Too.

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VIDEO: What We Miss the Most About Being at PDS

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Summer Camps Update: Extension of Family Discount Deadline & Survey About Online Camps

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What's Best for Boys? - Re-Entry Planning for the 2020-2021 School Year

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VIDEO: Elementary Talent Show Video

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A Reminder of Our Inclement Weather Communications Procedures

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Student Directory App for Mobile Phones

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Parenting Through the Seven Virtues of Manhood - [VIDEO]

Over the past decade, PDS has been refining the Seven Virtues of Manhood. Each month at PDS we have a theme designed to help boys become Humble Heroes, Servant Leaders, Moral Motivators, True Friends, Noble Knights, Heart Patients, and Bold Adventurers. On Tuesday, November 17, 2015 Chaplain Braxton Brady led a seminar on how these virtues can be lived at home. 

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Video: Raising Resilient Boys Seminar

On Thursday, October 15, Presbyterian Day School hosted the third in our series of Parent Education events for 2015-2016.

Resilience is the ability to take control of one’s self during difficult situations, failures, challenges, and setbacks. Resilient children are those who are able to effectively handle any pressure and get things done, despite obstacles.

Mark Fruitt has been helping boys and families with these issues for decades. Join Mark as we host an interactive conversation designed to help families raise resilient boys.

Video: Developmental Milestones - Age 4

On Tuesday, September 15, Presbyterian Day School hosted the second in our series of Parent Education events for 2015-2016.

Is my child on track?

Developmental milestones in the early years can often be a source of concern for parents. Head of Early Childhood, Debbie Isom, looks at the benchmarks associated with turning 4 years of age. This session features information from experts, as well as information from the book Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom age 4–14 by Chip Wood.

Video: The Digital Toolbelt at PDS

On Thursday, September 10 The Digital Toolbelt at PDS Parent Education seminar was held at PDS.

PDS carefully deploys many pieces of technology to help our students experience greater success in the classroom. This session is an overview of a few of our most popular pieces of software. Please join us as we explore Haiku (grades 4 - 6), Dreambox (grades 1 - 4), IOS Apps suggestions (all grades) and others. This session is led by Cathy Kyle and members of the technology department. We also discuss setting appropriate boundaries at home and school.

PDS Offering Parent Education Classes in 2015-2016

As parents, we are always looking for ways to become better at the art of parenting. This year, to provide support and education to parents, PDS will be presenting a parent education series. We want to partner with parents by providing you with insights and skills to help promote your child’s academic, social, emotional and spiritual well being.

Each of our parent education offerings for 2015–2016 will be held from 7:30am - 8:15am and will be recorded and posted online with the exception of the Headmaster Coffees.

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