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Fri, Sep 21, 2018

What an absolutely amazing week in Junior Kindergarten! We kicked off our week with the introduction of our letter of the week, Aa! We discussed the different kinds of apples that we see and created letter cards with red, yellow, and green apples on them. We couldn’t believe it, but Astro sent us a message over the computer to visit his workshop! Because Aa is his favorite letter, he left us special “Astro crayons” for our handwriting, a tiny Astro toy, and a letter! We always love sharing what Maggie munched, and we worked on generating words that start with Aa and drawing our own pictures.

We have been practicing our super sorting skills this week! We practiced sorting by color, size, and kind. We sorted all kinds of different manipulatives and then explained what “our rule” was and why we sorted items that way.

To continue our study of our bodies, we discussed the digestive system and what happens to all of our food once it reaches our stomachs. We talked about eating healthy foods that nourish our bodies and loved watching the Magic School Bus “For Lunch.” We learned all about the heart and even got to dissect a real sheep heart in the PDS science lab! We also learned about our lungs and created an art piece using our lungs by blowing paint around through a straw! Our bodies are amazing machines!

We are excited to meet our Fifth grade buddies next week and look forward to an activity filled morning!

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

Reminder :  

Friday, September 28th                Parent/Teacher Confernces

October 3-8                                 Fall Break, No School

Thursday, October 18th              JK Field Trip to the Agricenter Farmer’s Market

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Fri, Sep 14, 2018

Wow! We have enjoyed a dynamic week in JK studying the letter Dd! To dive in, we designed ducks on our lettercards.  On the iPads, we practiced handwriting through the Ready to Print app and then on paper. We read My Daddy and Me by Jerry Spinelli and had a blast preparing surprises for our special Donuts with Dads and Dear Ones event on Friday! Zero the Hero visited us this week for our 20th day of school and brought donuts! Finally on Friday, we were excited to see what Maggie had munched and generate our own list of dynamite Dd words! We then drew pictures of our own favorite objects that start with Dd. 

We have continued our study of shapes this week.  We played "Bean Bag Toss" with shapes.  They had to throw the bean bag in a specific shape hole.  We also played "What Shape Is Missing" where the boys closed their eyes and had to guess which shape was taken away.

Our body unit has led us to the study of organs this week! We began the week by studying our bodies’ computers, our brains! We then focused on our bones! P.D. showed us what our bodies would be like without bones.  We would not be able to stand up or move around!   We also talked about skin, it's different layers, and why our skin is such an important and largest organ on our body.  We read many correlating books about our bodies and watched Brain Pop Jr. which individually discussed brain, bones, and skin.  We will continue discussing digestion, lungs, and heart next week concluding the week with a live heart dissection (sheep's heart). 

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

Reminder: Berclair is so appreciative of any donations, and we are still accepting items! 

-September 15th-PDS Jamboree beginning at 9:30am – There will be many activities planned just for our Early Childhood boys! Plan to attend—it will be great fun!

-September 20th- Individual School Pictures

-September 28th- Parent/Teacher Conferences

Fri, Sep 07, 2018

Welcome back from the long weekend to an outstanding week studying the letter Oo! We kicked off this vowel study by creating olive lettercards and thinking of other words that start with the short Oo sound.  We practiced writing Oo on the iPad app, Ready to Print! Finally, we had fun seeing what Maggie munched and generating our own Oo words!

We have been focusing on shapes this week, and our study will continue through next week as well. We are focusing on triangle, circle, oval, square, rectangle, crescent, star, rhombus, hexagon, and trapezoid! We left the classroom on a safari for shapes around Early Childhood! Shapes are everywhere!  

In keeping with our unit on our bodies, we have studied the five senses this week. We read My Five Senses by Aliki Brandenberg and watched a Brainpop, Jr. For taste, we tasted black and green olives and graphed which ones we liked best. For hearing, we played a sound bingo listening to different sounds.  We utilized our sense of smell to discover mystery scents hidden in smell jars. We played with a feely box and used our sense of touch to figure out the mystery shape hidden in the box…without peeking! Finally, we used our sense of sight to help us on our shape safari! 

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

-PDS Jamboree, September 8th, 9:30am – There will be many activities planned just for our Early Childhood boys! Plan to attend—it will be great fun!

-Donuts with Dear Ones, September 14th 7:50am

-Parent/Teacher Conferences, September 28th

Last modified on September 7, 2018
Fri, Aug 31, 2018

We started our week off right with a visit from Zero the Hero! He zooms in on every tenth day of school bearing a special treat. The boys must ask yes or no questions to uncover and receive the treat! Hint: it is always shaped like a zero!  He left us yummy Oreo cookies! In keeping with our “cookie” theme, we read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. We also participated in a cookie-stacking contest in which we attempted to stack Oreo cookies as high as we could, counting along the way! Sixteen was our highest tower of cookies before tumbling!

The letter Cc made a “cool” appearance as our first letter of the week!  We created construction paper collage cars on our Cc lettercard. Cowboy Carl made an appearance bringing all sorts of fun objects for us to sort! He only wanted things that started with C to go back in his cowboy hat! We practiced writing Cc on paper using crayons and worked on always starting our letters from the top!  Finally, Maggie made her first visit only wanting to crunch on things that the boys brought in that started with Cc.  

We are also working hard on our first names this week! We have been practicing writing our first names through the Handwriting Without Tears “Wet, Dry, Try” method in which the student uses a wet sponge to trace his name on a chalkboard, follow the sponge with a dry tissue, and then tries for himself with chalk! During this exercise, the Handwriting Without Tears letter formation language is incorporated. You can practice at home too! Look out for instructions coming home soon in your son’s folder.

We have begun our first monthly Discovery unit on “My Body” this week!  We have emphasized that God made us all perfect in his image and to celebrate the qualities, which make us unique! We created a mixed-media self-portrait using paint and oil -pastels.  They will be hanging in our room all year! 

We wish everyone a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

-School Holiday- September 3rd

-PDS Jamboree, September 8th, 9:30am

-Donuts with Dads and Dear Ones, September 14th, 7:50am

-Individual Picture Day, September 20th

-Parent/Teacher Conferences, September 28th

Last modified on August 31, 2018
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