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Fri, May 12, 2017

What a special week we have had working hard to celebrate our wonderful moms! The boys created hand painted, bejeweled portraits of their mothers that they could not wait to show off as well as handmade corsages, Mother’s Day cards, and special placemats as gifts. In preparation for our Mother’s Day Tea, we read Celebrating Mother’s Day: Mom’s Memory Box by Sandi Hill and My Monster Mama Loves Me So by Laura Leuck and Mark Buehner. Thank you to all who joined us for the special event! We loved spending the morning with all of the most important ladies in our boys’ lives, and the boys were thrilled to show off all of their hard work. We wish everyone a relaxing Mother’s Day this weekend with your little ones!

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

We are looking forward to racing into summer with a fun week planned next week! Please see below for details:

Monday, May 15                                     Awesome Artist Day

Tuesday, May 16                                    Techie Tuesday

Wednesday, May 17                                Books with My Buddies           

Thursday, May 18                                   Toys and More Galore

Friday, May 19                                       Tidy Friday

Later this month:

Tuesday, May 23                                     Class Party, 10:00am, Cordova Bowling Lanes

Wednesday, May 24                                 Last Day of School, 10:40 Dismissal

Some of you have asked about how to keep your son's skills sharp over the summer. In response to your interest, we have prepared a review packet that will come home in your son's folder. This is completely optional.

Tue, May 02, 2017

Quirky letter Qq started last week in the best way! We read Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton and discussed quilting and the value of gifts coming from the heart. We practiced handwriting the letter Qq using the Ready to Print app on the iPads and utilized our laptops to sort Qq and Kk pictures. Q is for Duck by Mary Elting and Michael Folsom was one of our favorite books this week! Finally, we couldn’t wait to see what quizzical items Maggie had munched as well as think of our own Qq words.

Continuing our study of time to the hour, we have introduced digital time. We practiced writing the digital time from the time on an analog clock and played memory match in which the boys had to match cards showing the same time on a digital and an analog clock. After reading Cluck o’Clock by Kes Gray, we loved dancing and playing with a sneaky mouse who would hide behind clocks displaying different times in our classroom. We danced while music played, and when it stopped, we had to try to find the mouse!

Last week, we continued our study of community and specifically of our community, Memphis!  From our wonderful Memphis Masterpiece presentations, we have learned about the Arcade restaurant and the Rendezvous (and even got to enjoy some BBQ for lunch!), the Civil Rights Museum, St. Jude, FedEx Forum and the Grizzlies, the Memphis Redbirds, and the Memphis Tigers and many more!

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

This week, we will be reviewing our letters and math skills and finishing up our unit on Memphis.

Friday, May 12                        Mother’s Day Tea

Tuesday, May 23                        Class Party – Cordova Bowling Lanes

Wednesday, May 24                        Last Day of School, ½ Day

Last modified on May 2, 2017
Thu, Apr 13, 2017

It has been an eXcellent week in JK learning eXtraordinary things! We introduced the letter Xx finding Xx’s place in lots of words. Xx likes to come at the end of words more often than the beginning! We created X-ray lettercards with X-ray pictures of our own bodies. We practiced handwriting letter Xx. We worked on identifying and writing the first letters of the objects and even trying to write the whole word.

As we continued sequencing this week, we practiced putting all of the events of our school day in order and practiced sequencing with story sequencing puzzles! Then, we came up with our own stories when we were given a picture and had to come up with what happened before and after!

We have dedicated this week to studying the story of Easter and the real reason for the season. We followed the story of Benjamin’s Box by Melody Carlson throughout the week and opened the corresponding eggs. Each egg contained a small symbol from the Easter story including the leather the soldiers used to whip Jesus to the cloth that was wrapped around his body after it was placed in the tomb. The final egg is empty, symbolizing Jesus’ resurrection!

We also loved reading Celebrating Easter: The Easter Egg Hunt by Joel Kupperstein and had fun at our very own Easter Egg Hunt and special lunch! We greatly appreciate all of those who volunteered to help with the party! We have enjoyed spending this special time with the boys this week and wish everyone a very happy Easter!

Reminders and Looking Ahead:  

Next week, we look forward to focusing on the letter Zz, telling Time to the Hour, and beginning our unit on our community!                 

April 14-17                              Easter Break

Friday, April 21                        Maggie Monster Munches, Zz

Friday, April 28                        Rock ‘n Roll Day! Dress in ‘50s style clothes!

Thursday, May 4                      Memphis Sports Day – Wear your favorite sports jersey or team colors!

Friday, May 12                        Mother’s Day Tea 

Last modified on April 13, 2017
Mon, Apr 10, 2017

Last week, we worked on reviewing all of the letters we have studied so far. We cannot believe that we only have three letters left in the alphabet! We worked on generating words for the letters we have learned, played a memory match game, and utilized the iPads to practice our handwriting.

We sequence all the time in our classroom but really began to focus on it this week! We practiced putting parts of a story in the correct order and putting the mixed-up steps of baking muffins in order as well! We will continue focusing on this skill next week.

We completed our dinosaur unit by focusing on the jobs of paleontologists. We brainstormed about what paleontologists do and sang along to “I’m A Paleontologist” by They Might Be Giants. We took a virtual field trip and learned about all of the tools paleontologists use, filling our own paleontologist packs with magnifying glasses, a ruler, binoculars, and a brush! Utilizing our paleontologist packs, we followed dinosaur footprints to the excavation site and got to dig up dinosaur bones ourselves! We carried them back to the “museum” for investigation! We made our placemats for Family Night by journaling about our favorite dinosaurs and the tools we like to use as paleontologists! Many of us wished we could have dinosaurs as pets, and we loved the book Dinosaur Pet by Neil Sedaka and Marc Sedaka.

Thank you to all for a wonderful Family Night! Your tour guides worked hard to prepare for you and were so excited to share all of their knowledge and hard work!

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

This week, we look forward to focusing on the letter Xx, continuing our unit on sequencing, and spending our time studying the Easter story. Please send in your eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt if you have not already done so! We look forward to a fun celebration!

Thursday, April 13                        Easter Egg Hunt and Party

April 14-17                                  Easter Break

Friday, May 12                            Mother’s Day Tea

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