Fri, Oct 18, 2019

We were rocking and rolling this week while we introduced the letter Rr. We made rainbows and created our own robot. We used rainbow crayons and talked about Roy G Biv and the colors in a rainbow.

Continuing our farm unit, we read the book "Food From Farms" by Nancy Dickmann. Also, each boy planted their own bean seed. We talked about all the things that seed will need to grow.  To introduce the different parts of vegetables we eat, we read the book “The Vegetables We Eat” by Gail Gibbons and sorted pictures based on the different parts we eat. We had a wonderful time on our field trip touring the Agricenter Farmer’s Market. This tour reinforced the parts we eat of different fruits and vegetables. Is it the package, which is the outside; seeds, which are usually on the inside but not always; or both? We also talked about the different sizes, shapes, and colors of the fruits and vegetables. We ended our field trip with a hay ride and a picnic lunch- the weather was perfect! Thank you to all our parent volunteers- fun was had by all!

Looking Ahead:

Friday, October 25th- Grandparents Day ( half day dismissal)

Thursday, October 31st – Harvest Breakfast (11:00-12:00)

Friday, November 22nd – Thanksgiving Play @ 9:00

Wed, Oct 09, 2019

It was a short week in JK! We spent some time reviewing our letters F, E, P, D and B.
We made our own review book and practiced writing our letters on dry erase boards.
We are continuing to review numbers 6-10.
We introduced our Farm unit this week. We discussed the differences in urban,
suburban and rural areas. We did a thinking routine on farmers and did a tell and
draw art piece of a farmer.  We also talked about the equipment farmers use and made our our tractors with our footprints.
 We are excited about our field trip to the Agricenter when we get
back from Fall Break!
We hope you all have a wonderful Fall Break.

Looking Ahead:
October 10 th -14 th Fall Break
October 17 th Field Trip to the Agricenter
October 25 th Grandparents Day
October 31 st Harvest Breakfast

Sun, Oct 06, 2019

We had a BLAST in JK this week! We learned all about the letter Bb. We blew
bubbles, played in the bean table, and played with bug stamps in play dough.
We began our October unit on Fall this week, as we welcomed our new month.
Introducing Fall, we discussed the things we notice as the season is changing. We
see lots of orange, red, and yellow leaves, people wearing jackets, and leaves on the
ground. We notice the temperature gets cooler in the Fall. We read “Why Do Leaves
Change Colors” by Betsy Maestro and created our own fall leaves with tissue paper squares. 
 We are excited about Fall and ready for it here in Memphis!
We enjoyed meeting with you all this week. Thank you for your continued support
at home.
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Looking Ahead:
October 10 th -14 th Fall Break
October 17 th Field Trip to the Agricenter
October 25 th Grandparents Day
October 31 st Harvest Breakfast

Sat, Sep 28, 2019

We had a pretty perfect week in JK! We introduced the letter Pp. We played
with play doh and puzzles. We read “Pete’s a Pizza” and played the game Pizza Pile
Up. We practiced our handwriting Pp with pink and purple crayons.  We also had a special visit from our principal,
Mrs. Todd. We had a popcorn picnic and listened to several stories.
We continued to work on sorting. We sorted trail mix and classroom
 manipulatives. We celebrated our 40 th day of school with a visit
from Zero the Hero- he brought us a fun round Pp snack- pepperoni!!!!
We loved learning more about our bodies from experts on Healthy Me Day! We
learned about how to take care of our bones, our teeth, and our bodies by eating
healthy foods!
For extra review ideas, please follow our pinterest page PD’s Pins-

Looking Ahead:
October 4 th Fall Conferences
October 10 th -14 th Fall Break
October 17 th Field Trip to the Agricenter
October 25 th Grandparents Day
October 31 st Harvest Breakfast

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