Curriculum Guide: Senior Kindergarten


Senior Kindergarten

Senior Kindergarten
SK boys have a great time learning to form words through a number of different games and programs — including writing them in shaving cream!

The Senior Kindergarten boy has entered a time of immense social and academic change. It is a time of great happiness as his learning and play are more imaginative and complex.

He seeks opportunities to gain knowledge and thrives when instruction is both structured and exploratory, guided by a clear and predictable schedule. The Senior Kindergarten boy is a problem solver and is eager to embrace opportunities for leadership. Often bound by his senses and guided by what he can see, his enthusiasm for life in the classroom translates into a busy and enthusiastic learner.


Language Arts

  • Learn phonics through Orton-Gillingham based approach
  • Demonstrate mastery of letter/sound association
  • Reproduce letters from memory
  • Demonstrate mastery of alphabetical order
  • Blend words and develop a sight vocabulary
  • Demonstrate text comprehension
  • Demonstrate mastery of long and short vowels
  • Construct multiple sentences to reflect thinking
  • Hear and create rhymes


  • Create sets up to 20
  • Count and write to 100+
  • Count by 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • Count back from 15
  • Use cardinal and ordinal numbers
  • Compare order using fewer, more, and less
  • Identify coins and related values of penny, nickel, dime, and quarter
  • Write addition and subtraction number sentences
  • Identify odd and even numbers
  • Develop an understanding of measurement
  • Interpret data using tally charts and pictographs

Motor Development

  • Demonstrate correct pencil grip
  • Position letters, words, and numerals correctly on lined paper
  • Maintain pencil control


  • Begin understanding of predictions, hypothesis, and outcomes
  • Explore nutrition and the body
  • Investigate how fruits and vegetables grow
  • Learn about the human body, health, and nutrition
  • Learn about the life cycle by hatching butterflies and chicks

Social Studies

  • Attend a class on global studies
  • Learn about historical Americans
  • Investigate and celebrate the history of national holidays
  • Study our country and our place in it through “Me on the Map”

Social/Emotional Development

  • Respect opinions and ideas of peers
  • Play and work cooperatively
  • Demonstrate self-control
  • Take responsibility for belongings
  • Move toward becoming an independent problem solver