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Cindy Brock

Cindy Brock

Director of Technology


Monday, October 28, 2013

4th-6th Chapel 10-28-13

Our speaker today is Braxton Brady.

As I was thinking about what to talk to you about today I began to think and pray and read and I thought how easy it is for you to sit in chapel and listen. It's harder to put what we say into practice. What if a group of guys from our school decided to live out the virtues? What if it was who people think are the coolest guys in school did that and one act would change the entire way the school goes about their business? You're about to see a video of some guys at a school that did just that.

Click here for video.

What if we have one group of guys that made a decision and changed the entire face of the school. That is... living like Jesus. It's no longer thinking of yourself. It's realizing Jesus did so much for you and living your life for others. The guy who admitted he didn't think of the idea to run that play understands he is living his life way too much for himself. Who will be the group of guys at PDS to say we are going to live our lives for others. This is a challenge. Is there a group of guys willing to make a decision that will change the life of this school?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Students are in Costa Rica!

Hello Family and Friends of PDS! The group has arrived into the San José airport and will be meeting their WLS instructors Javier and Randall. They will grab lunch and make their way to the Chilamate Eco-Retreat. The group will start updating the blog tomorrow. Please call the WLS office with any questions during the program - 303-679-3412.

Erin Lasky

Director of Operations

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Almost Time!

It's hard to believe we leave for Costa Rica in 16 days! We are meeting with the boys today and will create a covenant for them to sign on expectations of the trip. Once we create it, we will post it here.

The boys have been great in our meetings to prepare for our trip. We are so excited!

Parents, you can check this blog during our trip for updates and pictures!

Also follow us on twitter at @pds_service.

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