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Technology at PDS

At PDS, technology is seamlessly integrated into the classroom to support and enhance student learning. With technology, students are given a choice in how they demonstrate and apply their knowledge.

As educators we ask, “Can this learning be done the same way without technology?” If it can, then technology would just be used for technology's sake. But if the learning can take on more relevance and meaning with technology and lead to real-world tasks, then various forms of technology are available at the moment so that students can build a deeper understanding of content. That is seamless integration.

In 2001, we were among the first elementary schools in the nation to launch a 1:1 laptop program. Today, every boy in senior kindergarten through 6th grade has a laptop. Nine carts of iPads are also available for student use. Laptops, iPads, and iPods - in centers and individually - are available for the younger students.

Use of technology for both teachers and students has been instrumental in the ongoing development of our a curriculum, which is customized to meet the learning needs of each boy.

In 2014, Presbyterian Day School was among a select group of schools in the world Apple recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for our exemplary learning environment for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence.

The Technology Department created an E-Book to document some of the achievements that led to PDS being recognized as an Apple Distinguished School. For more detailed information on our decade-long technology integration, download our E-Book.

Apple Distinguished School

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Technology at PDSE-Book

In 2015, the Technology Department created an e-book to document some of the achievements that led PDS being recognized as an Apple Distinguished School.

iBook Version(with Interactive Elements requires Apple’s iBooks app for Mac OSX, iPhone, or iPad)

PDF Version