Employment with Presbyterian Day School

Employment with Presbyterian Day School

Currently Open Positions:

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The school selects highly qualified and motivated life-long learners who are eager to instruct and mentor based on educational research and for whom our Christian principles are a good fit.

The school invests significant resources in teacher training and professional development.

  • Over the last nine years, the school has sent over 85% of PDS teachers to Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
  • The school invests heavily and aggressively in professional development.
  • The school provides summer grants for curriculum study and international travel.
  • Teachers participate in school-wide summer reading.
  • New teachers are assigned a mentor teacher to guide them through the first year at PDS.
  • Teachers occupy leadership positions as facilitators of teacher book groups, instructional team chairs, committee chairs, and grade level lead teachers.
  • Teachers attend workshops, seminars, and institutes.
  • Teachers are encouraged to share their expertise as conference presenters (have done so in South Africa and New Zealand and throughout U.S.).
  • Teachers network with other experts in the field of education by participating in action research and visiting other schools.
  • Teachers are encouraged to seek graduate degrees, and PDS offsets some of the cost toward that end.
  • Teachers are a mix of veteran, mid-career and young teachers who all contribute richly to the school community and our on-going conversation about what it means to be well educated in the 21st century.
  • Teachers are given both support and flexibility and the opportunity to exercise curricular leadership in a stimulating professional environment.

PDS provides significant technological resources for boys and teachers:

  • Every classroom has a SmartBoards to encourage a higher degree creative and flexibility in teaching.
  • Every classroom has access to a student laptop carts for PK-6th grade.
  • Three technology curriculum specialists support teachers in their efforts to integrate technology into their teaching.
  • PDS provides every teacher a laptop for school use.

PDS graduates eventually matriculate at many of our nation’s most competitive universities, and our alumni have distinguished themselves as scholars and leaders around the country.

PDS offers a very competitive compensation package.

PDS invites applications for consideration for jobs that may be available in the fall.

Interested applicants should submit a resume, transcript, transcript, background check authorization, and job application including a philosophy of education where applicable for consideration. Typically, applications are reviewed in late winter and early spring. Due to the competitive nature of the applicant pool, it is advisable that interested applicants apply as early as possible. After careful review, a select group of applicants will be contacted for a first round interview.

For more information contact:

Debbie Isom
Head of Early Childhood (YK-SK)

Laura Glenn
Head of Elementary School Division (1st-6th)


Open Positions

Technology Coordinator

The Technology Coordinator partners with teachers as an instructional designer in the school by helping support teachers in effectively integrating technology into the classroom. The position helps teachers effectively blend the best of online education with the best of face-to-face education. The Technology Coordinator also helps faculty, staff, and administration with their productivity needs. This position also assists in providing input for the overall technology program at the school. The Technology Coordinator reports directly to the Chief Information Officer.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support meaningful, authentic integration of technology use within the classroom
  • Support technology use with the faculty and staff that enhances their communication and partnership with the entire PDS community and their Personal Learning Networks
  • Help faculty adopt and create  curriculum development and pedagogy to help design interactive, engaging, and rigorous curricula for their adaptive, blended learning and online/virtual learning and classes including STEAM integration, teaching for understanding and multiple opportunities for critical and creative thinking, as well as accommodating different learning styles that keep students focused and engaged and to provide a more customized environment for our students’ learning
  • Provide help to faculty/staff/administration with their technology productivity needs
  • Guide/help teachers to research resources to use in blended learning
  • Help and train teachers on how to teach online
  • Train/orient students on how to learn online
  • Incorporate new technologies as they become available to support blended learning
  • To find high quality curriculum (software/Apps) for laptops, iPads and iPods, which also incorporates critical and creative thinking and accommodates a variety of learning styles to provide a more customized experience for our students
  • Train faculty and staff on the use of social media and model that use for faculty and staff to build their personal learning network and to market the school.
  • Support and participate in the development of an innovative vision for educational technology aligned with the mission and curriculum of the school.
  • Assist with and maintains student database of online accounts
  • Lead 5th grade coding class, while supporting coding teacher for grades 1–4.
  • Support and guide students’ understanding of building a proper digital footprint and digital citizenship while enforcing the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Other duties as assigned as assigned by the Chief Information Officer

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Library Media Specialist


Presbyterian Day School seeks an innovative self-starter who fosters an environment where a love for reading thrives. The Library Media Specialist collaborates with the teaching staff in the development of student literacy and oversees the selection, organization, utilization, and maintenance of the library, information, and curriculum resources.

The PDS library located in the heart of the school should be a welcoming common space that encourages exploration, creation, collaboration, and creative problem solving between students, teachers, parent volunteers, and the broader community. It should bring together the best of the physical volumes and digital media to create learning hubs that appeal to different needs, age groups, and learning styles.

PDS desires a visionary leader who will cultivate change in the library and develop literacy programming to meet the needs of an ever changing and evolving student body and curriculum.


  • Teach critical thinking skills and provide instruction for students and faculty in the use of the library’s materials and equipment
  • Guide students and faculty as they seek access to information and promote the ethical use of the information
  • Maintain the library collection to support specific program goals
  • Encourage reading by having an excellent knowledge of books and boys
  • Collaborate with teachers to plan and implement instructional units integrating the resources of the library with the classroom curriculum
  • Manage library technology programs to include Alexandria Library system software, ebooks, Accelerated Reader program, databases, and online subscriptions
  • Integrate STEAM initiatives into the library
  • Communicate library programming to stakeholders through the PDS website and social media
  • Develop, organize, and host literacy programming that promotes a love of reading during the school day and beyond regular school hours
  • Promote the PDS library as an institution of community
  • Embrace parent volunteers to provide quality library services and promote events to the PDS community
  • Design and implement summer programming for the Library


  • Bachelor’s degree in education
  • Preferences may be given to a Master’s degree with emphasis in library science
  • A minimum of 5 years teaching experience - library media specialist experience preferred
  • Excellent working knowledge of educational technology for both students and staff
  • Demonstrated ability to work successfully and flexibly with staff, students, and the broader community
  • Is an excellent communicator who instills enthusiasm and is open to new ideas, encouraging input from others to create consensus

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Elementary Spanish Teacher

Presbyterian Day School seeks a qualified candidate to teach Spanish in grades 3–6. The candidate should be committed to providing a learning environment that focuses on the total child, fosters creativity, and encourages critical thinking. Candidates should have a strong desire to teach by precept and example the basic tenets of Christianity, to promote the education of boys, and to commit to the strengthening of the programs and policies of Presbyterian Day School.   The ideal candidate will have the following responsibilities, experiences, and skills:

  • Creates a dynamic classroom setting in which students are immersed in the Spanish language thus acquiring the ability to speak, read, and write in Spanish, with a particular focus on oral proficiency in real-life contexts
  • Ignites students’ enthusiasm for language learning as well as Spanish culture and history
  • Uses strategies and creates activities that address the unique learning styles of boys
  • Provides multiple methods of assessment that demonstrate understanding and language growth
  • Communicates student learning with parents and larger PDS community
  • Collaborates effectively with colleagues to create integrated curriculum opportunities
  • Promotes a positive and supportive school culture
  • Has a passion for being around, working with, and getting to know and celebrate boys
  • Appreciates and models the distinctly Christian mission of PDS
  • Holds a degree in a related field; a Master’s degree in the teaching of Spanish as a Second Language is preferred
  • Possesses strong leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills

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Elementary Design Thinking/STEAM Teacher

In the EDGE Design Studio, Presbyterian Day School students are pushed to new heights of thinking and tinkering. Whether involved in a rich, student-centered learning experience using our customized design thinking framework or collaborating on STEAM activities, PDS boys are thinking critically and problem-solving solutions to real issues or dilemmas. Candidates for this position should have a strong desire to stimulate and support innovation at PDS and will be responsible for envisioning, designing, and executing a curriculum that promotes creative confidence, persistence, and a collaborative spirit within our students.

The successful applicant will not only serve as a resident expert in the design process, but will also embrace an attitude of prototyping. Engineering is an integral part of this process. The Design Thinking/STEAM Teacher must feel comfortable teaching and monitoring the safe use of tools, working alongside students to troubleshoot, and encouraging students to apply feedback and iterate when projects are not going as planned. He or she will also feel perfectly comfortable guiding students through projects for which the outcome is unknown.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Planning for and teaching 1st–6th grade classes in EDGE Design Studio
  • Overseeing the EDGE Design Studio to ensure a safe, developmentally appropriate workspace for students and an inviting, collaborative environment for teaching faculty
  • Coordinating with Elementary teachers to develop cross-curricular projects
  • Keeping up with current trends in design thinking, technology, and the maker movement in education
  • Hosting afterschool enrichment opportunities for students
  • Coaching Destination Imagination

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications: 

  • A variety of experiences working with children
  • Previous design thinking experience or a commitment to learning the process deeply
  • A high level of comfort trying new things
  • Experience designing age-appropriate lessons to achieve stated goals
  • Evidence of positive professional relationships with parents, students, and colleagues
  • Strong communication and organizational skills

The successful applicant will: 

  • Have a passion for being around, working with, and getting to know and celebrate boys
  • Appreciate and model the distinctly Christian mission of PDS
  • Demonstrate strong instructional and classroom management skills
  • Be technologically savvy and familiar with Google Apps for Education
  • Be a self-starter and inspire students to think BIG
  • Be willing to contribute to school activities outside of the assigned classroom
  • Hold a degree in a related field; a Master’s degree is preferred

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