Upper Elementary News

Intramural Basketball - Sign-Up by October 25

REGISTRATION AND FEES: Please register your son online by Friday, October 25th. The cost to play Intramural Basketball is $225.00 and will be billed to your PDS account. This fee will help pay for the league expenses, referees, team pictures, and uniforms that the boys will keep. Any boy who…

Upper Elementary News

4th-6th Grade Laptop Home Internet Connection

PDS uses an off-campus filter called Captive Portal, which your son will have to sign into once every five days. While we showed your son how to do this, we wanted you to know the process too. When your son launches his internet (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox), a blue screen,…

4AB Language Arts

  • Task(s)

    Computers are going home tonight. The boys can use them to study for the Wordly Wise test on lesson 5 that is tomorrow. 

    We are striving for more detailed comments in our Reading Logs. The comments need to include specific support/evidence and page numbers from their reading this week.

    Choose five of your lesson 5 vocabulary words from Wordly Wise and determine how to use each word in a sentence about one of the characters in The Tiger Rising. Your sentences must be well-written, thoughtful sentences about the characters in the novel.  You must use the vocabulary word in a way that demonstrates your understanding of the word.

    Bring your computers back tomorrow!

4th Grade Math

  • Task(s)

    Math - Due Wed. 4A, 4B, 4D - math practice; Wed., 4A and 4C - math facts quiz and rounding with number lines quiz. By Monday, October 28th, all 4th grade boys must have a ruler marked with inches and centimeters/millimeters to use at home for homework assignments. The ruler will remain at home.

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