Tue, May 16, 2017

Dear Parents,

Today, every boy in 1st – 5th grade received a red folder containing his required summer reading and math assignments.

The folders contain all the information your son will need in order to complete his required summer work. In contrast to previous years, all required math assignments are contained within the red folder. If you would like for your son to have additional math practice, he may login to Dreambox (rising 2nd–4th), IXL (rising 2nd–6th), or Mangahigh (rising 6th) using his username and password found on the front pocket of the folder. For your convenience, we have included links to each program via the Quicklinks menu at the top of the PDS website.

Mon, May 08, 2017

There are 2 pronunciations for ue:

Ue as in rescue (long u)

Examples:  hue, cue, value, statue, rescue, tissue, issue, virtue, continue, argue, barbecue


Ue as in true (oo).

Examples:  avenue, clue, blue, true, sue, glue, pursue





Mon, Feb 13, 2017

Spelling Tips and examples: Adding -ed and -ing endings

Tip #1: When a base word ends in one -e, drop the -e before adding -ed or -ing.

Examples:  faced, raced, faded shaded, baked, facing, racing, fading, shading, baking, raked, cared, stared, hoped, ruled, tuned, raking, caring, staring, hoping, ruling, tuning, named, glared, paved coded, smiled, scared, naming, glaring, paving, coding, smiling, scaring  

Tip #2: When a base word ends in one vowel and one consonant, the consonant is usually doubled before adding -ed or -ing. 

 Examples:  grabbed, wagged, slammed, flapped, starred, begged, grabbing, wagging, slamming, flapping, starring, begging, fibbed, skidded, grinned, clipped, knitted, sobbed, fibbing, skidding, grinning, clipping, knitting, sobbing, jogged, shopped, shrugged, hummed, popped, rubbed, jogging, shopping, shrugging, humming, popping, rubbing 

Red Words:  United States, February 


Fri, Jan 27, 2017

Today’s guest speaker was Drew Sippel, Executive Director, Capstone Education Group (Cornerstone Prep).

All this month we’ve been exploring the fourth of our Seven Virtues of Manhood, the Moral Motivator. A Moral Motivator makes a difference in the world. Injustices offend them. They are motivated to build communities that are moral.

Sippel’s talk centered on “Moses, Clemson, and you,” and the ways boys can make a difference in the world. Because of the circumstances surrounding his adoption by Pharaoh, Moses grew up with unique gifts and the opportunity to help others. We all have different, God-given gifts.

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2D Homework

  • Monday

    Spelling sentences

    Reading logs due Friday- 80 minutes

    DB due Friday- 30 minutes

    Timed Test tomorrow- Time is now down to 7 minutes.

    Have parent initial AB.



    Telling Time enrichment pages

    Reading Logs due Friday- 80 minutes

    DB due Friday- 30 minutes

    Have parent initial AB.

    Book Fair is tomorrow at 11:10. 


    No written homework.

    Logs and DB due Friday.

    Classwork and assessments will NOT go home today.  No parent signature needed.



    Telling Time enrichment pages

    Reading logs and DB due tomorrow.

    Spelling Test tomorrow- Spelling City optional for extra practice.

    Have parent initial AB.


    Reading Logs and DB due next Friday.  

    There will be no homework on Monday. :) 

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