Wed, Sep 27, 2017

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Welcome to the Crusader Cafe: Amidst the chicken sandwiches, chips, classical and classic rock music, and cheers, classroom lessons are stashed when no one’s looking.

Read The Gift of Music - Crusader Cafe, for a primer on Presbyterian Day School's Crusader Cafe:

The Gift of Music

Crusader Café is back for another year!
Crusader Café is held during lunchtime and is a time where a boy can showcase his musical talents to his peers and others. Again, we will be dining and entertaining everyone in the Fellowship Hall.

Dates for the Café

  • Thursday, October 19
  • Thursday, January 25
  • Thursday, April 19

There are 2 requirements your son must meet in order to play at Crusader Café.

  1. He must be taking lessons (If he is not taking lessons, he must audition for Mrs. Southerland)
  2. He must be practicing regularly

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.” Malcolm Gladwell Outliers

Please use the spreadsheets linked below to view available time slots (each date can have 5 boys maximum per grade signed up).  Please enter your child's first and last name and his homeroom teacher's name on the date you would like.

1st Grade2nd Grade 3rd Grade4th Grade5th Grade 6th Grade

Fri, Sep 15, 2017

Today’s chapel speaker was PDS Chaplain Braxton Brady.

This month, we are exploring the first of the Seven Virtues of Manhood: The True Friend.

True friends sacrifice for each other.
Why? Because Christ sacrificed for us.

Fri, Sep 01, 2017

Save the date for these upcoming Elementary Division Parent Parties! More information coming soon!

1st Grade - Friday, October 13
Melanie & John Alexander
2906 Iroquois

2nd Grade - Friday, November 10
Molly and Parrish Taylor
2020 Old Oak Drive

3rd Grade - Friday, September 29 • Sign-Up to Bring an Item
Jenny and Rob Carter
293 W. Goodwyn Street

4th Grade - Friday, November 3
Bethany and Keith Owen
4681 Shady Grove Road

5th Grade - Saturday, September 30 • Register
Carey and Brad Snider
411 Grandview Street

6th Grade - Friday, November 17
Brooke and Will Levy
4824 Gwynne Road

See Early Childhood Dates

Fri, Aug 25, 2017

This morning’s chapel speaker was Chaplain Braxton Brady. Coach Brady shared a story about a friend who lived near the Bradys when they were living in Binghampton.

This friend had a really nice car. He worked long hours and it was often late at night when he would get home. One night, as he was driving through the neighborhood, he heard a loud thud as something hit his car. Someone had thrown a brick at his car.

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2C Homework

  • Task(s)

    Math: hw sheet

    Reading: read 15+ minutes

    Other: correct the first two sentences on the DOL practice sheet

    Sign your son's AB each night. 


    Math: hw sheet

    Reading: read 15+ minutes

    Other: correct #3-4 sentences on the DOL practice sheet

    Sign your son's AB each night. 


    Reading: read 15+ minutes

    Due: Monday, 30 November -0001

    Math: hw sheet

    Reading: read 15+ minutes

    Sign your son's AB each night. 


    Reminder: Parent Night is August 31st!

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