Fri, Nov 08, 2019

Spelling:  Final Blends  (nd, lt, st, nt, lp, sp, mp, pt, ft, lk, sk, nch)

Reading: Finishing up the Tedd Arnold unit; skills: claim/support, main idea, building good reading habits

Math: Money; Rocket Quiz (Review +4)/Thursday

English: Review of all skills covered to date

Things to Remember:

11.14.19  Report Cards Sent Home

11.22.19 Blessing Bag items due

11.27.19  Thanksgiving Break Begins

Mon, Nov 04, 2019

Spelling: Initial Blends with s (sl, sp, sn, sk, sm, st, sw, sc, squ, spl, scr, str, shr, spr)

Reading: Tedd Arnold Author Study continues

Math:  Frames and Arrows and Function Machines; Money; Rocket Quiz (Review +0-3)/Thursday

English:  What is subject and verb agreement?  What are present tense verbs?  What are past tense verbs?  How do I become a better writer knowing subject and verb agreement? 

Things to Remember:

11.5.19 1C Book Fair @ 8

11.8.19  Trimester 1 Ends

11.14.19  Report Cards Sent Home

11.27.19  Thanksgiving Break Begins

Thu, Oct 24, 2019

Spelling: Initial Blends with l and r (bl, fl, sl, cl, pl, gl, fr, dr, tr, gr, cr, br, pr)

Reading: Tedd Arnold Author Study continues

Math: Frames and Arrows and Function Machines; Rocket Quiz (Review +3)/Thursday

English:   What are common and proper nouns? 

Science: Water Cycle

Things to Remember:

11.5.19 1C Book Fair @ 8:00

11.8.19  Trimester 1 Ends

11.14.19  Report Cards Sent Home

11.26.19 Thanksgiving Party @ 1:45. All are welcome to attend!

11.27.19  Thanksgiving Break Begins

Mon, Oct 21, 2019

Spelling: Spelling Review

Reading: Tedd Arnold continues this week. The boys will begin to explore different texts from Tedd Arnold, and begin to make text-to-text connections.

Skills-setting, claim/support, sequencing, fact/opinion

Math: Addition and Subtraction to 20; Equivalent Equations; Rocket Quiz (+2)/Thursday

English: What is a singular noun? What is a plural noun? How do different types of nouns help my writing?

Social Studies: Water Cycle

Things to Remember:

10.25.19 Grandparent's Day- half day dismissal

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