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1B Class News Week of February 10th

In Class This Week:

Spelling: r-controlled vowels (or), Spelling Test on Thursday! 

Reading:    What are satellites (moons)? What type of rocks are on Earth and the other planets?  Skills- real/fantasy, drawing conclusions, cause/effect, setting, claim/support, abc order, sequencing, main idea/details, classify/categorize

Math:   Adding to 100 without and without regrouping; Function Machines; Rocket Quiz Subtraction (-0,1)/Thursday

English:  When do you drop the y and add -ies, -ied, or -ier?  Remember to just add -s, -ed, or -er when the y has a vowel in front of it.  Ex:  keys 

Science:   Of what are planets made? What is a simple machine? How do I use simple machines in my daily life? How can simple machines help you design a tool to fix a problem when on a different planet?

Things to Remember:

*2/13/20  Sundaes with your Sweetheart  @ 1:45 p.m.  in the back gym *Please let me know if you don does not have a Mom or special friend coming.

*2/13/20- Don't forget to send in your Valentines! Please DO NOT SEND CANDY OR EDIBLE items with the Valentines. You can have your son just fill in the "from" section to make passing out his Valentines easier. We have 16 boys in our class. 

*2/14-2/17 Winter Break

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