Thu, Aug 01, 2019

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Thu, Aug 01, 2019

Dear Parents,

With the start of school right around the corner, I wanted to share some exciting news regarding food service for the 2019–2020 school year.

This year, all food will be cooked on campus with the freshest of ingredients. Overseeing the menu planning will be Rachel Berry. Rachel has a strong nutrition background and knows how to plan delicious meals that boys love. Each lunch will include an entree paired with a fruit or vegetable. Other options will consist of fresh fruit, raw vegetables, salads, and turkey and ham sandwiches. Our goal is to create meals that will have our boys looking forward to lunch each day. Portions will be “boy-friendly,” and there will be plenty of food for everyone on the program. In addition, we will designate days for catered meals to be served from favorite local restaurants.

Our own Lyssa Fisackerly will be administering the lunch program. She will be our onsite manager and your first contact for anything related to lunch. You can reach Lyssa at or 901–842–4609.


Lunch Program Details 2019


Sign-Up for Lunch Program

It is time to sign-up for the PDS Lunch Program! We will be offering a vast menu of hot lunches cooked on campus. The cost for the 1st Semester Lunch Plan will be $505. The cost for the 1st Semester Drink Plan will be $95.

Lyssa Fisackerly will be administering the lunch program. She will be our onsite manager and your first contact for anything related to lunch.

Overseeing the menu planning will be Rachel Berry. Menu items will be made from fresh and wholesome ingredients. There will be many options available and each boy should be able to choose a balanced meal even if he does not choose the hot lunch on any particular day.

These items include cheddar and mozzarella cheese portions, yogurt, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, and pudding to name a few. Salads and turkey and ham sandwiches will also be available on a daily basis as well. Ice cream will be offered on Wednesdays and Fridays. A catered meal from favorite local restaurants will be served on designated days about once a week.

You can feel sure that the PDS lunch program will provide a balanced and healthy lunch as well as the convenience of not having to pack a lunch!


Please note that if your son is enrolled in the 1st Semester Lunch/Drink Plan, he will be automatically enrolled and billed $505/$95 for the 2nd semester. Please let us know by December 1, 2019 if you do not wish to be billed for the 2nd semester.
Tue, May 14, 2019

Dear Parents,

Today, every boy in 1st – 5th grade received a red folder containing his required summer reading and math assignments.

The folders contain all the information your son will need in order to complete his required summer work. Just as last year, all required math assignments are contained within the red folder. If you would like for your son to have additional math practice, he may login to Dreambox (rising 2nd–4th) or IXL (rising 2nd–6th) using his username and password found on the front pocket of the folder.

The school will be open at scheduled times this summer for students to take AR tests. The schedule can be found on the same inside pocket of the red folder.

On the first day of school in August, your son will need to return his completed assignments in the red folder.

Enjoy summer!

Laura Glenn
Head of Elementary

Summer Links:

Dreambox IXL Mangahigh

Mon, Feb 04, 2019

In Class This Week:

Spelling: r-controlled vowels (ar)

Reading:  What are planets?  How can simple machines help you design a tool to fix a problem when on a different planet?  Skills- real/fantasy, drawing conclusions, cause/effect, setting, claim/support, abc order, sequencing, main idea/details, classify/categorize

Math:   Adding to 100 without regrouping; Function Machines; Rocket Quiz Subtraction (-0,1)/Thursday

English:  When do you drop the y and add -ies, -ied, or -ier?  Remember to just add s, d, or r when the y has a vowel in front of it.  Ex:  keys    

Science:   Of what are planets made? What is a simple machine? How do I use simple machines in my daily life? How can simple machines help you design a tool to fix a problem when on a different planet?

Things to Remember:

*2/14/19  Valentine's Day Party @ 1:45 p.m.  (All parents are welcome.  Remember to bring your Valentine's Box)

*2/15-2/18  Winter Break/President's Day

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