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Class News-Week of Feb 24

In Class This Week:

Spelling: y as a vowel

Reading:    Could there be other life in space?  Skills- real/fantasy, drawing conclusions, cause/effect, setting, claim/support, abc order, sequencing, main idea/details, classify/catagorize

Math:  2 digit addition with regrouping ;  Function Machines;  2 digit subtraction without regrouping; Rocket Quiz Subtraction Review (-3)/Thursday

English:  When do you drop the y and add -ies, -ied, or -ier?  Remember to just add s, d, or r when the y has a vowel in front of it.  Ex:  keys  What are suffixes?  When do you use them?  Suffixes come at the end of words and change the root/base word.

Science:   What are moons?  What type of rocks are on Earth and the other planets? What is a simple machine? How do simple machines help us day to day?

Things to Remember:

2/21/20 Trimester 2 Ends

2/27/20- Report cards come home! 

3/6-3/13- Spring Break begins! 

Don't forget to mark these on your calendar! 

4/1/20- Class Picture Day

4/6/20-Class Chapel (8:00 in small chapel) All parents are encouraged to attend! 

4/16/20-Maker Faire, 5:30

5/1/20-Field Day (Parents are welcome), 1/2 day dismissal

5/13/20-1st Grade Class Day

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